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9-Year-Old Jacob Lemay And Family Advocate For Other Transgender Kids | NBC Nightly News

We first introduced you to Jacob Lemay and his family when he was just five – not long after he transitioned. Now his mother has written a book and the family hopes to help other kids like Jacob.
https://www.nbcnews.com/nightly-news/video/transgender-9-year-old-advocates-for-other-children-like-him-part-1-78641221970 (PART 1)
https://www.nbcnews.com/nightly-news/video/transgender-9-year-old-advocates-for-other-children-like-him-part-2-78642757577 (PART 2)
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9-Year-Old Jacob Lemay And Family Advocate For Other Transgender Kids | NBC Nightly News


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  1. poor new age kids damm shame.

  2. "I just feel like I got put in the wrong body". Every one of these trans kids say the same exact phrase. It's almost as if…. their parents or teachers feed them this line.

  3. Beautiful story, and shame on the bigots and haters in the comments.

  4. Wrong all wrong talk about bad parents 😑😑😑😑

  5. What does God say about this? Folks the Rapture is coming soon…..please be ready! Don't be left behind for the 7 year Tribulation!

  6. This is a new generation under a strong delusion. Don't try to wake them up. Some are sleeping hard and some will wake up before too long. Blessed are those that have eyes to see and ears to hear the real message in this video.

  7. parents should correct it while their young..not motivate a kid when they knew it is wrong..

  8. What will you do for kids like me on your first day as president lock your parents up pill every abortion doctor blow up every abortion clinic and hold police accountable to a higher standard by 10 times

  9. are you kidding me what kind of parents would make their child take some kind of drug like that when he's only that old and they sit there and say he's educated what kind of a dumb fool would say that you could educate a little boy about anything doesn't mean he's going to freaking know and understand what the future is going to be like about that subject come on people wake up this is disgusting it's wrong why are they pushing this on us

  10. This is just wrong. The parents should have at least waited for the child to reach the age of reason then let the child decide then. Whether the parents acted "supportively" or not isn't the issue. They have the obligation to make decisions for their child and simply letting the child have her way because they "love" her and "respect" her too much to interfere with her judgment is a total copout. These are the same kind of parents who protest vehemently whenever a child is treated as an adult by the criminal justice system, insisting that a juvenile should be guided and not be allowed to make choices of their own that put them in conflict with the law. What about guiding those same juveniles to postpone a seminal life decision for until after the child has learned more facts than just what she has accumulated in her short life so far? There's no two ways about this: this couple are IRRESPONSIBLE, plain and simple.

  11. Well I feel like I should of been born a white man. So I’m no longer considering myself black. Thanks left wing nuts I never thought i’ll be able to feel comfortable and live my truth.

  12. Why is the mannequin sitting there
    She knows NOTTING & does

  13. I wanted to be Superman until I was 10.

  14. poor boy, I feel sorry for him, now he will be going to take hormones

  15. Welcome to the comments of the ignorant 🙄

  16. There’s nothing wrong with saying no, puberty blockers at 9 but, why? Who taught him that

  17. Shoes on the bed, nah something is wrong.

  18. “He” acts feminine as you can see ,it was just a phase and the mom put ideas in the kids head

  19. The mom is so stupid it hurts

  20. the parents should be in jail for child abuse

  21. Jacob knows best, he's had years to think this through.

  22. the days of kids drowning in the rain is coming.

  23. No one, under 18, should have operations or take medications that will impact the normal development of their gender. Why is this one of the few exceptions to the rule?

  24. This is scary.. the suicidal rate is so high for trans people and still they want there kid to do this wow ..

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