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900 Calories Full Day Weight Loss Meal Plan Indian / Bengali || Arpita Nath

900 Calories Indian Bengali Full Day Healthy Weight Loss Meal Plan with Weight Loss Tips.
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Healthy Fish Curry Recipe : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqT56rR6Egs

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  1. You are looking as a transgender.

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  3. Minimum 1200 calories should be consumed. More protein less carbs and good amount of veggies and healthy fat are required. One should include one seasonal fruit also. By following your plan anyone will lose weight but yes they will mostly lose muscle and water weight.

  4. This specific “Kαbοnοz Ydα” (Google it) diet system seems encouraging. I believe that this particular solution been effective for me personally, it provided me energy and also I have lost about 8 pounds this previous days. This unique guide describes you every thing on what needs to be undertaken to attain your goal. .

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  7. This is so unhealthy and women shouldn't consume less then 1200 net calories per day

  8. I really wish I had run into the “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) years ago. For 3 weeks of using the plans, I burned 12 lbs Obviously I exercise more than once weekly, and eat healthy. The actual result presented to me is impressive. I absolutely encourage the item, wish it works as excellent for you since it does for me. .

  9. Abey ye vedio Bengali k liye banaea hai na Tao Bengali bolna gada English marchis keno

  10. Ma'am amar age 22 , ami5'3 high amar wait 61 ami ki thik acchi naki aro wait komate hobe

  11. I m bengali and a dietitian this is an unscientific diet plan…only roce pdts so irritating

  12. Macher jhol e alu ektu dye sobji dite hobe. R ja hok Ekta fol. Nahole hobe na.

  13. Mc tu ta bengali Nani,,, maiki

  14. বাংলায় কথা বলতে অসুবিধা কোথায়????????
    ভিড়িয়োটা তো বানিয়েছেন বাঙালিদের জন্য।
    বাংলায় কথা বলুন
    জয় বাংলা

  15. I think you don't have any idea about healthy diet plan. please do some research before uploading a vdo.

  16. Fantastic recipes.. 💕💕😋😋

  17. 900 cal diet is very dangerous for health.. Minimum calorie intake sd be atleast 1200 calorie as recommended by doctor..plus exercise and walking/jogging.. You cant starve urself for weightloss.. And also no vegetables in this diet whch is again bad fr health..very misleading content.

  18. mam,in next vdo-pls do include 1/2 cup green leafy veggies n lentil at lunch.in bengali wt loss process u must follow fiber base balanced diet plan.cos calorie count is not the key,balance in nutrition is the key.. Its a request mam..

  19. this kind of looks good problem is I don't eat sea food 🙁 I need something to really help with weight loss plus energy.

  20. weight barane k liye koi meal plan bataye plzz

  21. Plz mention the amount of cooked rice in cup measurements

  22. Please make a video about weight gain bengali full day meal plan

  23. Can't I add 1 cup of vegetable in lunch ?

  24. Thanks di. Really thanks

  25. Hi …Pls say for elbow black


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