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Autumn Investment Pieces – PREMIUM HIGH-STREET HAUL! | Fashion Mumblr

A Premium – HIghstreet Haul with some beautiful Autumn Investment Pieces from Club Monaco, Reiss, Whistles and More! EXPAND for direct links to shop the haul!

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❤ What I Wore ❤

ASOS Cashmere : http://bit.ly/2dEATPm
Reiss Blouse : http://bit.ly/2eisQwF
Reiss Pink Top : http://bit.ly/2eitWbW
Reiss Faux Fur Scarf : http://bit.ly/2eis0QE
Reiss Coat : http://bit.ly/2dhxlne
Reiss Culottes : http://bit.ly/2eis0jR
Club Monaco Ruffle Jumper : http://bit.ly/2dYgvbD
Club Monaco Grey Cashmere : http://bit.ly/2eiuApS
Club Monaco Grey Cardigan : http://bit.ly/1MPoZ1f
Club Monaco Romper : http://bit.ly/2dosmk3
Scalloped Bikini : http://bit.ly/2dNH4AC
Allsaints Pink Jumper : http://bit.ly/2eiruC9
Whistles Grey Knit : http://bit.ly/2euiWU5

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Necklace : http://go.pandora.net/299Rawc
Rings : http://bit.ly/2aDBkbD


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  1. Did I see you wearing Jean's?

  2. All very lovely nice pieces. Your makeup looks very good job!

  3. Love your style so much! Totally inspired 😊

  4. I prefer lookbooks where u show the clothes on more etc

  5. Hi Josie, my favs were the ruffle detailed sheer shirt and that coat! Oh my! Everything looks so nice on you!

  6. You are just soo elegant… love all your choices

  7. What lipstick are you wearing, I didn't notice it listed; it's beautiful!

  8. I love the sleevless top from Reiss. So chic and absolutely appropiate for work! Also I like that your style is weatherproof as it' s getting cold in northern Europe…

  9. Do you remember what lipstick this is? ☺️

  10. very beautiful pieces, elegant and timeless. good choice

  11. why are sweaters called jumpers, it confuses me

  12. why are sweaters called jumpers, it confuses me

  13. So beautiful, simple, classy and just gorgeous 😊👍💖😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  14. Thanks! Those knitwear colours look so gorgeous!

  15. I AM SO BUYING THE COAT it's literally 85 pounds now I'm so happy I saw this video lol

  16. What a lovely blog! You are wonderful! Love your style… Am really chuffed that I've found you xx

  17. what size did you get in that reiss coat please? x

  18. The link for the Club Monaco Grey Cardigan is broken for me. I'm a little obsessed with it, so hoping I can find it online but haven't had much luck, is there any way you could link it again?

  19. please please please put your cashmere jumper on a knitwear hanger! I used to work in a high-end shop. They're fatter than normal plastic or wood hangers with very rounded 'shoulders' and wide ribbed rubber bits to stop knitwear slipping. Like jacket hangers, they're made to stop the clothes ruining by creasing sharply and getting a permanent bend or crease where the arm drops sharply off the hanger and the weight of it stretches it. Clothes can ruin just hanging on the hangers, if the hangers are wrong, i saw it over and over again. Normally, 'who cares?', but if you're going to spend £200 on something and want it to last more than a year, especially fine wool or a tailored jacket, for pete's sake don't hang it like it's in a charity shop! They're a nice colour, but you have to sacrifice the asethetics of the hanger to those of the jumper! (Obviously folding is an option etc, but i'm being basic)

  20. I wish I could go shopping with you! I adore your style. I wish I could be as put together and chic as you are! Love everything you bought xx

  21. hi.fashion mumbler…your clothes are lovely. but you need to wear a plain bra underneath…the lace on your bra is making your clothes look bumpy on top. nice video.

  22. Be careful w hanging your knitwear, it might stretch out the shoulders. I love your style!

  23. ugh i wish i had $229 to spend on one sweater

  24. Is the jumper from asos you linked the same one as you are wearing? The one you linked is nude is that the one you are wearing because it seems more pink

  25. The wrap top you're wearing under the coat…where is it from?? Love your channel!!

  26. I love the pink asos jumper😍😍😍

  27. Hello! The Club Monaco cashmere sweater looked so great on you I'd like to purchase one myself but the link did not direct me to the correct site. Do you have another URL or the full name so I could try to find it? Thanks!

  28. That ASOS cashmere jumper is gorgeous, such a classic colour x

  29. Are you a UK 6 or a US 6? You look quit tall so I was surprised

  30. Hi! I love your style. Good taste, elegant, classy, cute, sweet and modern.

  31. please can i just ask where did you get your hangers from?

  32. You are so addictive to watch, as soon as I watch a few videos I want to watch more. Also not to do with the video, but loving your vlogs! Hope you keep them up! Alongside all your hauls, x

  33. LOVE your heels with culottes! And all the pastels in your video. Beautiful.

  34. Hi from Tokyo:) I'm a new subscriber! I really loved the bikini and pandora necklace♡ What lipstick are you wearing? It looks so gorgeous!

  35. That coat. Holy cow. Gorgeous.

  36. love your style! New subies 🙂

  37. Love everything !! What lip color are you wearing?

  38. Your clothes are so beautiful the most beautiful clothes I ever seen ❤️😍

  39. Really enjoyed this, have subscribed x

  40. How do you wash all theses jumpers specially cashmere and merino wool? How do you keep it off moths???

  41. There is not one piece in that haul that I didn't fall in love with! 😊👍🏻

  42. Amazing pieces! So inspirational! Your style is so classy and impecible! Xxx

  43. Such a lovely video again 😉
    I have pretty much the opposite of your style when it comes to colours actually…its black and grey and dark blue and maybe a white for me all year round 😉 but honestly this video makes me want to wear pastel pinks and bright whites and beiges and purples 😉 never happened before…well I tried it…always endet up with the black pieces 😉 hahaha
    maaaybe that´ll change now 😉 thanks for the inspiration Josie 😉
    I love that Jumper with the ruffled sleeves a lot…I´ve seen it on one of your Instas I believe and immediately fell in love with it 😉
    great pics and I love how you style them 🙂 very inspiring indeed ^^
    thanks again and enjoy wearing all this lovely fashion
    xx Verena

  44. Not a very original comment but your style is amazing!

  45. Love this haul!!! New subscriber!!😘

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