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Basic Diet & Weight Loss Tips for Runners!

How about some basic diet and weight loss tips for runners? ‘Diet’ is a complicated and often confusing word to many runners. Today’s video starts with some nutrition basics and goes on to highlight FIVE (5) simple, science-backed strategies for losing weight while running.

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  6. 20-30 grams of protein is almost nothing, and I thought a 6oz sirloin was reasonable.

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  10. Strength training makes me feel stiff & heavy. What can i do to change this?

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  12. I'm late finding this but thanks I found it really helpful

  13. Absolutly! I am morbidly obese, I exercise over 2 years (and walk alot) and my fear of carbs made me so much stressed, I couldnt even get through exercise for more than 2 weeks, sleeped 11 hours too, I now eat sooo much carbs, same fats and protein, I can recover from exercise so well, I sleep less and exercise more intensivly and losing weight finaly (and mostly the belly).

  14. I was hoping to see you run..

  15. So helpful thank you! Ps, I see that Oiselle again! Yeah!

  16. I still go by the four food groups that I learned in grade school.

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  19. I agree with most of this. Yes, more whole foods, cut processed sugars, hidden sugars, exercise, protein etc. As far as fiber though, there are other ways to get the fiber you need for digestion. It's not just legumes, oats, bread etc. You can get fiber from Kale, Broccoli, Cauliflower, etc. Unfortunately oats, bread, etc. nowadays have a lot of processed sugars. I have lost 54 lbs in 4 months with intermittent fasting, whole foods, protein, healthy fats, cut sugars, and exercise. Got another 15 to 20 to get to my goal!

  20. A lot of this video is simply spoofing on the creator's part and they are giving out inaccurate information. The number one factor for long-term weight change is calories in vs calories out and this fact has been confirmed time and time again by proper scientific research. Given its sensitive and potentially problematic nature,I feel that if a channel is going to be speaking about weight loss then there is a responsibility to be accurate with the information that they are giving to their audience. If you're going to spoof or just rely on your own personal opinion you should make it clear that that is the case.

  21. Sleep is an emotion like happiness or total disgust or pain did I mention pain, pain is an emotion.

  22. As a truck driver and a runner I have a HARD TIME getting enough sleep! I'm lucky to get 6-7 hours at night, but I do get a nap in at lunch. Somehow I make it, but feel tired often.

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