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All Discount Codes : https://bit.ly/2DWcF3h
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What I’m Wearing //
Jumper – http://bit.ly/2QNonA1
Necklace – http://bit.ly/2QVzgjp
Earrings – http://bit.ly/2PkjXUR

Featured //

Reiss Burgundy Skirt – http://bit.ly/2PLJBBZ
Reiss White Coat – http://bit.ly/2QyRtmX

MONKI – 15% off with code Cybmon154

Faux Fur Jacket – http://slinks.me/tOal3e6yek
Dot Wrap Dress- http://slinks.me/cHJ45JYYxI
Floral Wrap Dress- http://slinks.me/QavOWdg97R
Pink Jumper – http://slinks.me/8BnY9P4tgr
Kitten Heel Boots – http://slinks.me/gWUtAxnGBb
Cords – http://slinks.me/TujM8Wj20b
Stripe Jumper – http://slinks.me/e9w1zEZ7pT

TED BAKER – 30% off until MIDNIGHT – http://bit.ly/2PQHTiS

Ted Baker White Coat – http://bit.ly/2PQI8ui
Ted Baker Sequin Skirt – http://bit.ly/2PAJCIU
Ted Baker Black Dress – http://bit.ly/2PAJHfG

& Other Stories Sequin Skirt – http://bit.ly/2PFcOhV
& Other Stories Jumper – http://bit.ly/2QNonA1
& Other Stories Silk Shirt – http://bit.ly/2RhKEGN


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  1. Josie babe I love the long gold skirt

  2. Josie babe I love the snow leopard print coat

  3. Good morning josie babe you are very pretty I will miss you xxx

  4. Love the clothes, but you are going to ruin the sweaters hanging them on hangers like that.

  5. i loved the white silver gold champagne earth colors but all the print and colors you have now is long away from how you used to look i loved the clean line look you had .not the mommy look now and all the prints

  6. Bummer! They don’t deliver to the U.S. 🙁

  7. Yes to the tortoise boots, no to the black items, the other colors look better. Loved the videos!

  8. You are evolving and I love it. Great job as usual. You are my MUSE 🙂

  9. I watched them all like all your videos 💛

  10. You are such a hard worker! 💜

  11. Can you please recommend any mid block heel over the knee boots that’s are fitted and going to stay up please? Iv been searching and just can’t find any 😫

  12. Hi Josie, I'm Luisa from Italy. I've discovered your channel a couple of weeks ago and I love your fashion taste and your elegance. I definitively love the same colors, even if our skin and eye colors are slightly different. I am an "Autumn" Type of person (chestnut eye and hair) and you are a "Spring" Type of person (according to Carole Jackson book – Color me beautiful, that is my bible since at least 25 years!!!) but both of us have the same "warm" palette of colors… I have to thank you so much because last week I had the courage to clean out my wardrobe and "gave away" all those pieces that was not in my color palette… 1 QUESTION: I love the beige stretch pants you wear in this video. Could you please tell me where did you buy it? Grazie mille 🙂

  13. I love your necklace, where did you get it? Thanks for the discount codes!

  14. I'm 100% going to miss the shopping week videos ;)))

  15. Josie, I've enjoyed your fashion edit series tremendously! Your commitment to your blog is truly amazing, you deserve all the success in the world. You inspired me to buy a few new pink sweaters and one in leopard print as well. I can't wait for Vlogmas!!!! <3

  16. Random question.. I need your advice !
    Do you think midiskirts work on quite short people too ? I think its lovely but I'm about 5'2 and not brave enough to pull it off. Don't want to look like a huge tent.. haha

  17. the gold skirt look super on you!

  18. Thank you. Again great vlog. Love the TB dress wish I was able to get Kate Spade one as is amazing. I am definitely planing to get more clothing from other stories. You have convinced me to this brand and I am very grateful for this. So looking forward to see more of your vlogs .

  19. Buying investment pieces as you put if should mean….maybe doing purchases once a year…that is maybe acceptable….the rest is excessive and ruining our planet….watch ‘fashions dirty secrets’ bbc on YouTube

  20. Tried to access your blog today and was unable to … 😞

  21. hey josie,
    i really enjoyed your black friday week! it is kind of obvious how much effort you put in this. really loved watching these videos and i appreciated all your sale posts on instagram since so many sales at the same time can be very overwhelming 😅

    to the ted baker skirt: i absolutely love it on you. it looks so chic and stylish, you should definitely keep it! ✨

  22. I just found your channel and I absolutely love it! I live in the United States but I adore your style! I watched every video in the Shopping Edit series, I loved it!

  23. I'm sad…. I've been enjoying your Black Friday posts and I love your channel….. watching every day is a treat that I will miss…. pleaaase do it for Christmas I'd like to see you shop, go on your appointments wrap gifts etc.. thank you for sharing

  24. hi, don't keep the skirt with stars not flattering

  25. I think the star skirt looks a bit young for you. Other items were great!

  26. Hi, I’ve watched each of your videos and loved them all. Your make up looks so beautiful – please could you do a demo video of all the products you used? Thank you so much for all the amazing content 🙂

  27. Beautiful pieces! Definitely keep the star skirt, it’s gorgeous xx

  28. The black star skirt was my favorite in your haul!

  29. star skirt looks nice but at the same time very childish

  30. Hi Josie. Is there anyway I can contact you as I'm having problems with Artisan Anything and a refund for a bag.

  31. Keep that stunning sikrt

  32. Love the gold skirt!!! 💖💖💖Not to sure with stars🧐 incredible videos!!! Josie!

  33. NO to the skirt with the stars – just 'not you'. However YES to the torty kitten-heeled ankle boots !!! Despite the stiletto slenderness, they are ankle boots you can wear all day in total comfort while looking so elegant. Other than that, you have enough coats and of the dresses the red one is best but no to the gold lame skirt – too disco for words. I expected techonology not clothing.

  34. Keep that star skirt, it is so cute! Really enjoyed watching your videos. Looking forward for your next video. 🤗

  35. If in doubt don't do it 😂🤣😂

  36. Thanks so much for your hard work sharing all yoir finds! Love your channel! 🌹🎄⭐☀

  37. I’ve watched every video this week!!!!

  38. Hi Josie, loving your vlogs as always 💕I have purchased a few things you showed in here and love them xx

  39. I hate the word "final" that u say..
    I am interested in watching u every time u upload a video. ❤️

  40. You seem to be straying from your instinctual classic good taste and color awareness in this video. Black for you is indeed rather harsh, especially close to your face. All the fluffy faux-fur "plastic" pieces will be so short-lived, both as fashion, and because they all rather quickly go wonky and crushed looking – rather like an animal with mange. The super-pointy-toe shiny boots will also quickly go out of fashion, leaving your more classic suede and leather almond-to-moderate-pointed block heel boots in your closet to be worn and admired for years to come. Hold your tiller steady! You have an instinct for a true and lasting course to classic fashion – don't let the pressures of the industry suck you into the vagaries of trendy mediocrity. Your success is founded on the resonance of your followers with your good taste, combined with your personal integrity, work ethic, elevated style and genuine niceness. There is no other fashion influencer of any age or style on YouTube that can hold a candle to you. Hold true to Josie!

  41. Josie, I need to ask!! Where's that white little faux fur jacket in the background from?? It's so gorgeous!!

  42. I really loved this series! Thank you!

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