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Elizabeth Warren Makes Unity Pitch, But Won’t Win Any Delegates In NH | NBC News NOW

“We win when we come together,” Elizabeth Warren said.
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Elizabeth Warren Makes Unity Pitch, But Won’t Win Any Delegates In NH | NBC News NOW


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  1. She looks very ethnic with those high cheek bones.

  2. Dream big. Fight hard. LFG Warren 2020! 👏👏👏

  3. LFG! Warren for the win! 💪🏼👏👏👏👏

  4. Her voice is quite irritating.

  5. Incomplete genetic testing used to smear Warren: microbolix.com

  6. I guess her lies are catching up to her!

  7. Liz turned to Hillary slowly but surely.
    Her failure to stay progressive cost her the election, her speech is good for general elections not the primaries.
    Watch "Desperate Elizabeth Warren Attacks Bernie Sanders after New Hampshire Primary Failure" on YouTube

  8. Idiots Trump will win again you better join the right side now 🤣

  9. Pocahontas a.k.a. Elizabeth Warren 👎 is finished pack it in and go do your job for the people of Boston as a senator.

  10. Warren is a Liar , she needs to go back to her kitchen and have a beer

  11. Elizabeth is so bitter about losing to Bernie that she's leaning towards centrists like Amy, abandoning her original progressive position with Bernie. Ironically, she's touting unity yet she takes cheap factless shots every chance she gets at Bernie. Every time she makes a point about people being mean online, or someone having no confidence in women or that she and Amy are the only ones not taking super pacs, she meant to attack Bernie. Ironically, she's the one who took money from billionaires in her previous campaign as senator and ransferred that money to her current presidential campaign. That makes her a not only a hypocrite but a traitor. Bernie's biggest contributors are progressive groups who endorsed him. But she paints it like he's getting money from Billionaires. Unfortunately for her, every time she attacks Bernie, she slides down further in the polls because it shows how disingenuous and disloyal she is. She would rather lose to Amy who is a centrist than Bernie. This makes me doubt she was ever a progressive at all. I wouldn't be surprised if she has become another establishment pawn who is ultimately inserted in the whole process to take Bernie or any progressive down. She only pretended to be Bernie's friend only to stab him in the back. Either that or she's just another careerist like Buttigieg who will flip flop where ever the powerful pushes them. Bernie faces blocks and thorns everywhere he turns. Since he represents the working class, the poor, and the marginalized, it's like we are being stepped on and blocked everywhere we turn even by people we thought were our friends. The saddest part is that some of us are still duped into thinking that they are still our friends and still vote and support them not realizing that all their progressive talks are lies and they are chipping away at our human rights and benefits every step they take to advance their careers. Sad world we live in.

  12. Is this her interview for VP? She likes Bernie or Pete??

  13. Just stop running.. low pole numbers are clear at this point!

  14. You're channel just looks like a #MayorCheat infomercial. Maybe do you f^$%ing job.

  15. "These harsh tactics might work if you are willing to burn down the party"
    and nothing of value was lost

  16. Bernie Saunders, will prove that you can keep your integrity, not embellished, win The United States presidency with true twenty dollar per voter donations, and make America honest again.

  17. Warren reminds me of my 6th grade Science teacher from 1973

  18. God awful. Falling asleep listening to her speak.

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