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Every wicket: Watch all 11 of Hazlewood's wickets for the summer

Josh Hazlewood continued his fine Ashes form into the Australian summer, dominating Pakistan with 10 wickets and taking just one against New Zealand before injury struck.


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  1. Looks like there is no count of csk fans.

  2. Welcome to csk;💥💥💥💥

  3. why there are no aboriginal players in Australian squad?

  4. Last wicket of Raval is the Beast

  5. Hazlewood= new Glenn McGrath, cummins= new brett lee and starc= new jason Gillespie

  6. What a fantastic bowler Hazelwood is! He is a gift to the Cricketing World. If performed consistently, he would be ranked alongwith the 'Pigeon', the Great Glenn McGrath.

  7. Pakistan fans: as you can see here Pakistan is the best team

  8. Welcome To Chennai Super Kings

  9. Most of the comments are like 'Josh welcome to CSK'😅💛

  10. He’s the best 💚 with that length & control… always an eye candy to watch his wickets, mostly nicks behind the stumps 😍 a perfect mixture of McGrath & Pollock…

  11. Raval wali bowl of the summer Australian criket
    What a great swing with pace

  12. Indians be like
    Any CSK fan here 😆😆😆😆

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