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Giuliani 'really impressed' with handling of coronavirus

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani provides insight into the coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. HEY MR. "Mayor"?!? 🖕👊🖕👊🖕👊🖕👊🖕👊🖕👊🖕👊🤬🤬🖕🤬👊👊🖕

  2. there is very good reason for releasing prisonors the timing is perfect no jobs many will be homeless gee wonde what they will do you dont need to be a brain surgeon choas more confussion crime rises or one gets shot breaking into a home remember katrina we must take the guns agenda 21 wake tfu

  3. Of course trump's yes man is impressed,then again a shiny new penny would impress Rudy.

  4. Arrest this pos for his role in Sept 11

  5. Exsplain why what the news is reporting on isnt happening in reality

  6. what an idiot…..disgrace

  7. nothing new about this Virus it came from a Laboratory

  8. rudy looks like he wants to cry … looking ill…IS HIS NUMBER COMING UP ??

  9. Giuliani helped get rid of the evidence and the Anthrax came from a base down the road…

  10. This lady is unbearable she loves to ask questions but not let the man answer

  11. Yo Rudy is either cokes up or doped up..you can clearly go on the WHO and CDC website and it clearly stated the flu kills 130k to 200k a yr..why didn't the anchor catch this ..this us a prime example of agenda pushing ..it's not a mistake that she missed it ..that would mean 7 want me to believe Rudy quotes the wrong number and she didn't do her research ..is this main stream media ???? R u kidding !!! How irresponsible is this .. no one has accountability r consequences that's. Why you don't know what to believe out of mainstream media it's not all 100 lies ..most of it is ..n what they're doing is brilliant. Mix lies with truth and make the average citizen research and they k ow that's not happening b uz this is the laziest and dependent generation with regards to government and information ..society just wants it fed to them and they don't care how it tastes ..it's digesting

  12. Hey look the 911 cleanup, cover up guy. The one that moved all the steel from the Twin Towers and sold to China overnight.

  13. Shut up Maria and listen and let him answer for Pete’s sake, shes always yelling over the guest.

  14. Hey NYC how are open borders working for your people now.

  15. Yep, uh huh, yep, yea, yes, uh huh, right, yea….Maria annoys the hell out of me. She is the worst at doing interviews.

  16. I know you have just a few minutes but maybe just asking civilly, 'Mr Giuliani, how are you? You seem upset. Have you lost someone or put someone in the hospital recently?'

  17. Tell that to all the families that have lost their loved ones.

  18. Dirty people coming into our country with visa green cards.

  19. Build a wall around New York

  20. both of the aint lookin too good.

  21. Governor of New York, brother of Fredo.

  22. Ok. Kick nyc out of the union. Problem solved.

  23. rudy thinks Ukraine is responsible for the virus and he has proof!

  24. Still banging on about 9/11 LMFAO

  25. Sorry but I can't stand to watch Giuliani anymore after he kept boasting about juicy news about Biden and his son and the Ukraine corruption…remember he has witnesses who will speak to that corruption….so where is it Rudy?….you got soft after going after those mafia guys back in the day so now you don't have to balls to go after the worse mafia Than the Italian mafia aka the Biden famiglia

  26. Why interview someone if you are going to constantly interrupt them? FOX does this all the time.

  27. I think people are rethinking the agenda. It's all out there and people can make their choice none will be forced for most part itll be an individuals decision, right to choose and well what will that decision be ? Three weeks to decide on what to do ,its all on table none can say it isnt and none can also say we forced anyone to decide.

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