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Gowdy on Roger Stone: Nine years is a long sentence for lying to Congress

Former Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) reacts to 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden campaigning in South Carolina and Roger Stone’s case. 

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  1. The Congress is nasty! Corrupt! And not functioning as it should!!

  2. Only on the “Fox News Propaganda Network” Does a Traitor To the United States Get Defended, Roger Stone Is a Lying Crooked Conspiracy Theorist, He Lied To Congress under oath, He Threatened Federal Witnesses and Outright Denied Helping and Assisting Russian Interference to Subvert our Democracy but, go ahead Every Trump Supporter and Repeat that Cult Chant, MAGA MAGA MAGA, Worship Trump the Dictator!!…
    Blind Lost and Loyal Fools

  3. 🤔 If this man got nine years; I feel sorry for the demoRats, because they will go to jail for life!

  4. Gowdy….fake.   the guy that covered up for Comey.

  5. What is the penalty for destroying congress subpoeaned evidence documents, hardrives and phones. ( 33,000 emails)?    just wonder what the penalty is?

  6. Witnesses can't lie before Congress, but Congress can lie all they want. How Ironic !!!

  7. FBI altered an email document to fraud FISA court and get a warrant against Carter Page….how many years for that?? None, so far. Person was transferred!! What a joke of a system. Put that FBI person in frickin jail now!

  8. His "lie" was entirely inconsequential. Joke

  9. Eff you Gowdy. You talk a lot but have never done anything measurable for the Americans. You've fooled many but you are part of the swamp! I hope you get fired! There was a reason why Trump wouldn't allow you anywhere near his Whitehouse and his defense attorneys. You are a fraud!

  10. Why do you still have this incompetent moron be a talking head

  11. This dude is getting to be allot like Graham… all talk no action ! Bad to say but really all these people that we put in charge are all in the same boat … Why the hell do we as a people think we need someone that is the same as anyone else making laws that they are exempt from for us to fallow and telling us what we can and cannot do ??? What a f&%ked up system we have when the government can do all the things we cant and nothing happens .

  12. Remember when Obama said, "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon". Trump isn't there first to comment and he won't be the last.

  13. I wanna know how many years Congress should get for lying to the American people??? They should do at least 20 years for not keeping their promises. To hell w Congress, they’re not God!

  14. I wanna know how many years Congress should get for lying to the American people??? They should do at least 20 years for not keeping their promises. To hell w Congress, they’re not God!

  15. Everybody knows the Dem leaders are some of the worst liars who ever lived. The Swamp is deep and WICKED murderers!

  16. That Cavuto was really fishing in Gowdy to try to find something amiss that he Cavuto could use for his anti-Trump agenda. Pathetic.

  17. Even Barry Obama didn't stand with that creepy Joe.

  18. As far as I'm concerned the DOJ is a rat's nest. The four attorneys that resigned are worthless scum bags. I am very happy and proud of President Trump for intervening. There is a stench that comes from the Federal bureau of investigation, the DOJ and the judge that pronounced the sentence.

    And nothing is happening to the piglet Hillary Clinton, Comey, Stryzok, McCabe, Lisa Page and director Wray. You can tell an FBI agent is lying when their lips are moving.

    None dare call it treason !

  19. Hillary, Comey, and their buddies have consistently lied and they are walking around free !

  20. I'm about tired of Fox newsokay if you should be prosecuted for lying to Congress what about all the FBI agents allowed to Congress what about Hillary Clinton she lied to Congress why are they not going to prison for 10

  21. Ted Kennedy killed a girl and got
    • 0 • years.
    But he was a Democrat. My bad

  22. So congress can lie every day but you lie to them and get years in the pen?

  23. I find it ironic that Rodger Stone lied to congress and gets 9 years. Then the speaker of house the lies non stop and gets nothing.

  24. Biden has such a fake creepy smile.

  25. Terrible job of creating the fake gowdy image! The ears don't even move with the head. Just stop doing these, please!

  26. The inept abberated support of a gagle of sleeping and fat humanoids for this man, Biden, himself a corrupt politician.
    How anyone could support this creep is beyond comprehension and sanity.

  27. This clown was once America's VP !!

  28. Sad. yall didn't see Trump's numbers from NH ? Pellosi/Shumer/Nadler/ The White draped Congress maids. America is a crime scene.

  29. Especially since Hillary, Comey, and gang got ZERO jail time. Dems are sick!!

  30. As soon as Biden started running for POTUS he started saying a lot of MAN…do you know what I mean MAN? it's awkward for me. ick

  31. Sure, but he needs jail time for his lies to congress

  32. Does this mean we can look forward to seeing Adam Shifty get nine years for lying to congress, lying to the American people, lying during the Muller investagation, lying during the impeachment trial. We are growing angrier by the hour.

  33. What is the sentence for Congress lying to 300 million Americans on a regular basis? That's what I thought!

  34. Stone committed multiple violations that could be served consecutively.
    7-9 years in prison is a better sentence.

  35. Child pornographers get less than 9 years in prison? That doesnt seem right to me

  36. Trey Gowdy is the smartest guy in the room at any given moment. He won't admit to that, and that makes him even smarter. If he wanted the Presidency, I think he could make an impressive go at it. I also think that he is simply too smart for the job. What would serve us best, would be as a Supreme Court Justice. He is only in his mid 50's, and would be there for a good while. Whatever the mix, we as a Nation will be better if he is part of it. Just as we are better because he has been part of it.

  37. When Biden doesn’t get the nomination to run he will still say he can beat president trump. He is delusional

  38. It wasn't just for lying to Congress. He was convicted of obstruction, making false statements, and witness tampering. Witness tampering was actually the most serious crime and rightfully should be. 9 years was the total for all 3 convictions.

  39. How about lying to FBI investigators or witness tampering and continuing to obstruct ongoing legal proceedings.

  40. lying to congress proably not as long but tampering with witnesses should be a longer term.


  42. Oh, what happened to Dems "no one is above the law ". They must be for lying to Congress and nothing is done to them.

  43. is james comey going to get 9 years for lying to congress

  44. It wasn't just ONE charge.  The totality of charges could have added up to 50 years.  5 or 6 years served sounds good to me.  I can't wait for the judge to throw the book at him.  She's going to defy Twitler and that will be refreshing.  What will Twitler do to her?  Credico's safety and his dog's life were threatened by Penguin Stone, that's pretty significant.  Harold Gowdy is a pathetic partisan ferret faced ankle biter looking to advance his career in Twitler's 2nd term.  Those glasses won't help disguise his character.

  45. Gowdy should be indicted for being a CLOSET HOMOSEXUAL.

  46. So Nasty Nancy should get 29yrs in Gutmo for destroying goverment property.

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