Home / News / House Managers Officially Deliver Articles Of Impeachment To The Senate | NBC News

House Managers Officially Deliver Articles Of Impeachment To The Senate | NBC News

The managers from the House of Representatives for the impeachment trial of President Trump arrive at the Senate to officially deliver the articles.
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House Managers Officially Deliver Articles Of Impeachment To The Senate | NBC News


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  1. Only thing missing were Storm Troopers and Star Wars music…

  2. HA HA HA LMFAO and I’m a lib too what a frigan joke Dems are and national embarrassment!! I’m woke thank Good almighty, I’m Woke!

  3. Look at the short fat shrimp Nadler… looks like he’s got a stick up his A$$

  4. LOCK HIM UP already, the career criminal should never have been elected. This is WHY we need free college for all his stupid base.

  5. This is simple, they hate Trump because he is literally exposing their corruption of trafficking, drug running, money laundering …you name it and they done it. Crazy and will do anything to shut him up. MSM is just a mouthpiece for them.

  6. @ 0:30 the managers should be singing, “we represent the lollipop guild, the lollipop guild, the lollipop guild, and in the name of the lollipop guild… we wish to welcome you yo munchkin land”

  7. every patriotic americano needs to go outside
    & choke a democrat.🇺🇸

  8. Don't cry for me Argentina! Oh look it's the next group of Democrat nazis looking for a place to hide. This show is brought to you by the Democrats nazi party

  9. Aren't they the most diverse group, hand picked for the "Diversity" camera.

  10. Remove the orange traitor

  11. I hate the Dems President Trump has not done nothing wrong all he has done is help this country Trump 20/20 these dim wit Dems the American need to vote all Dems out vote RED

  12. They all should be arrested for treason for this coup

  13. Lots and lots of tribe 👃 members involved with this sham..

  14. The house managers and Schiff should be drug tested.

  15. 9 inches and still wears it loose…..pencil neck.

  16. Same crooked bunch really what’s fair

  17. USMCA DEAL DONE= Promise made and kept
    CHINA TRADE DEAL DONE- Promise made and kept

  18. Wow there making a whole show of it , ABUSE OF POWER? Also this should of been done the same day of the vote sooo there still null and vold 😂

  19. What’s this about a peach?

  20. Nothing like hand picked???? Watta joke.

  21. This is a crap trump did a grate job. Best one so far better then any. One else

  22. POS POTUS.
    Trump is an abomination unto God man and the presidency.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  23. Trap set say goodbye to the criminal Corrupt demonrats in Congress,the Senate will be there DOWNFALL and u won't see them in Congress in 2021 thank ALMIGHTY God for that. DRAINING THE SWAMP PERMANENTLY

  24. This what happens when a 29 year old woman takes over your party. Poor Nancy had no choice.

  25. Thanks a million to ALL the Democrats for the continuation of NOT doing your job, you know things like governing for example. President Trump is NOT trying to win a trophy or a 1st place ribbon for nicest person of the year or most popular kid in school award. He’s simply made and will continue to make our lives and our nation prosper. Since you obviously do not want to make America great, then do us all a favor Go live somewhere else, stop wasting my time and my money we’re all fed up with your B.S. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  26. The insane Fdemonrats.
    🇺🇸 President Trump
    🇺🇸 2020

  27. Omg, just LOOK at them…. 😆

  28. You can hear the chuckles of the Republicans lmao

  29. Good to see this being done.

  30. 0:52 + one hand grenade = 5 years of peace and quiet But no, we have to listen to these jackasses continue.

  31. this impeachment is gonna die fast

  32. Oh wait, Am I late for the imaginable civil war that the Trump Supporters made threats all over social media & videos if their hero was Impeached? For some reason, It is so peaceful outside. Oh nevermind, we all know Trump Supporters lie, sorry that I asked, duh me.

  33. How we going to have a impeachment during war

  34. Anyone else super bored already?

  35. TRUMP is good man president only one forever Yitzhack Yahkoov Sholoim 2020_….

  36. Every single one of them are traitors.

  37. Impeachment Show, Season 2.
    Non stop wall to wall legislative action!!! Will Nadler and Schiff finally bring the president down? Will Pelosi be the last to find out she Destroyed her own party? Find out in Tuesdays premiere!!!
    🎵dun dun…DUNNNN!!!🎵

  38. Traitor Trump publicly asked Putin/Russia for help to steal election. Moscow Mitch helped too. Wise up incest babies Trump gotta go to jail or worse!!!

  39. Now all of the Senate and Congress have bee sword in they cant discuss anything about this trial

  40. Sh*t just got REAL……Trump can try to downplay it and call it "impeachment light", Fox News and the republicans can spin it and say "he's not REALLY impeached", and some Harvard Law professor can chime in with his BS "he's not impeached" dribble. NOW it's on. This mother*ucker is IMPEACHED, and IMPEACHED FOREVER!!! And knowing how stupid Trump is….he will brag, and say he did something Obama could never do.

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