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Jennifer Lopez Tells Dr. Oz Her Beauty Secrets

Jennifer Lopez and Dr. Oz discuss her best healthy and beauty tips to look and feel great at any age. Plus, find out why Dr. Oz asks her about her urine!


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  1. Having buckets of money helps.. having staff to take care of you..wash your hair..do your nails..fluff your pillows, cook your meals..

  2. in Africa you can't stay away from the sun especially when you don't have a car…in my country thieves steal hats so it's hard..sometimes when it is upset it reach 38 .

  3. She’s a witch
    Many Hollywood women are believe it or not

  4. I don't speak English but I think your secret is very good make-up.

  5. Not being funny but she’s paying to look good and she had some surgery done,

  6. It’s not just money… look at Britney Spears she has a ton of it but look so bad for her age ..

  7. Its better to live all natural because our bodies where created by God eat what God created we can do botox what ever but at the end you are destroying what God created I live healthy eat and drink the right things we are all beautiful in the eyes of God so we don't have to go through all that to look beautiful and show the world you are beautiful ladies 💕

  8. I first read JLo’s secret in a magazine way back 2014. I gradually followed her. Healthy lifestyle, indeed helps. I am already in my 30s and most of the time people thought I am 24+ something… Then, I realized that it really works. I did further research and there were women just like her, notably in Asia have the similar method. I don’t know if she did botox etc… But I am convinced with her advice.

  9. I get 8 hours of sleep, I never drink alcohol, I never smoke, I exercise regularly, I have been drinking 5 to 7 bottles of Fiji water every single day for the past 4 years, I eat healthy, I have religiously used sunblock, I’ve been using $60-$120 anti aging cream/serum since I was 19. I started getting facials for a year at a med spa when I was 24 and it didn’t help much. I’m going to be 26 this year, and I honestly feel that I could easily pass for being 36. I started going gray when I was 17. I’ve had my liver, kidneys, and thyroid levels checked yearly as a routine check up, and I am perfectly healthy. No one in my immediate or distant family is aging prematurely. I literally don’t know what the heck I am doing wrong that is making me age this way. I think that there are just some people out there, like me, who age terribly, and not much can be done about it. I guess the best thing I can do is enjoy what’s left of my youth 😕

  10. Thank you jenny !!! Great advice !!!
    You go girl !!!! 🐝🐜hard workers are special ,they acomplish what others can't do ???? Why?????? Because you are unique !!!!! 🦄

  11. Yorum okudum, demek insan böyle vir varlık! Basit, uygulanması az işlemli, zaman para ve sağlık kazandırıcı örnekle anlatım olsada, YARANAMAZSIN! Nedenleri: Alışkanlık (oburları kast ediyorum), param olsa.. (tembeler), ve kötüleyenler.. (çıkar grupları ) karşı çıkıyorlar

  12. Water and being positive 💯💯👏👏

  13. WOW, so many jealous haters on here!! Jennifer looks good and money can’t fix everything. She doesn’t drink, smoke, or do drugs people!!! That is 👏. Yet it does help to be rich but it still takes work! Definitely genetics play a huge part here as well! But please, why all the nasty comments?

  14. She takes bubble baths in EVIAN. 🙄🙄🙄 money. Makes. You. An ass.

  15. You just don’t live on water.. where’s the rest .. ?

  16. Jennifer is a positive role model. And why aim at THE floor when we can aim at THE stars??

  17. Sun is healthy and good for u! Use sunblock to give your skin protection but sun is good for u

  18. Her secret is killing chickens and drinking their blood ..

  19. And stay fit: check best exercises on my channel: fitness anytime and anywhere by Marzena

  20. Stop grabbing her because that’s so uncomfortable

  21. She is pretty very jubilant personalty humble she is ageing very good she takes care of herself from New York like myself

  22. Dr. Oz is one of the BIGGEST LIAR in this Industry !!! WAKE UP GUYS

  23. Her secret is money money and money.i think if all women have so much money all will become young and beautiful 🙄🙄🙄

  24. Happy new year……🌝❤📯✌👍

  25. My favorite Singer jannifer,.god bless you…alots of pryes and love from Pakistan 🇵🇰

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