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Joe Biden Says His Fight To End Trump’s Presidency Is ‘Just Beginning’ | NBC News NOW

2020 candidate former Vice President Joe Biden is looking toward South Carolina after a weak finish in Iowa and New Hampshire. Biden went to South Carolina early to speak with voters about his fight to end Trump’s presidency.
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Joe Biden Says His Fight To End Trump’s Presidency Is ‘Just Beginning’ | NBC News NOW


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  1. Joe, the writing is on the wall…just read the wall Joe?


  3. Biden to win South Carolina 20,000/1 odds

  4. Joe Biden: Mr. Vice President/ 🇺🇸 President 🇺🇲 !!!! Let's Go Joe!
    Mike Bloomberg: Vice President

  5. There comes a time in everyone’s career when it’s over and you have to accept it. That time is now for you, Mr. Biden. Please retire and tend to your anger issues and that dishonest son of yours. He’s corrupt, you know it. He lied about getting that stripper pregnant until a DNA test proved it true. What other things are you and your son lying about? I dont even care anymore. Go home already or stay in the game so interviewers can taunt you and the world can watch you explode! You’re an angry person. We don’t need another insane liberal wasting representation pursuing petty grudges.

  6. Joe go get your diaper changed and take a nap


  8. democrats are insane and corrupt. need to be put down like a rabid skunk.

  9. Let's never forget that Biden was caught on camera inappropriately touching, kissing and sniffing under-aged girls.

  10. Biden is a national embarrassment, he also has been paid a lot of money over the years to consistently make wrong decisions. He hasn’t done anything for this country, except make a lot of money for himself!!!

  11. Cornpop told Quid Pro it's over.

  12. Hard to believe this dinosaur hasn't dropped out yet.

  13. Don't open your mouth Biden or you will say something stupid as always.

  14. if Hunter Biden was not corrupt " nothing's there " as Joe Biden claims, why Hunter is technically banned to join his father Campaign trail ?
    why the timing is not appropriate for Hunter to be present at Joe's campaign trail ?
    why does it sound like Joe Biden is not going to be proud of Hunter in front of the law abiding citizen crowds ?!

  15. Joe, please retire. Please. You are a cringey mess. Retire Before the wheels come off and you completely destroy your entire career.

  16. ha! sleepy joe!😀 ifya keep fighting, you’ll
    end el presidente’s term on office in 2025.

  17. He slurs the words.. he is not fit

  18. Your choice to use the vice presidency to get your crack head son million dollar jobs at known corrupt foriegn companies ruined you ,Trump just put the nail in the coffin by calling out your b.s..

  19. They messed up on the title, it should say just ending

  20. There's more reporters than supporters in that room– he's toast

  21. Dementia is a lot closer opponent .

  22. Dial Joe 303… pony soldier 😆😆😄

    Joe belongs in a nursing house not the White House

    President Donald Trump & VP Mike Pence are doing a great job so far.

  23. How much does a NBC dogface pony soldier lying reporter make ….$200,000..$300,000..?

  24. LOL quid pro quo creepy Joe. LOL

  25. SNL doesn't even need actors. Just play the clip. Lol.

  26. A desperate, Antarctican harp-seal without wings.

  27. joey's a lying dog face pony soldier and obviously looking for a quid pro joe!

  28. joey is about to get gut punched….again!

  29. Go to a retirement home Biden, they're waiting for you.

  30. You are such a disgrace obama is backing someone else how is a former president wont even endorse you baaah haaa haa 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭

  31. Good strategy!! He has a lot of determination and that is very good momentum.
    He kept going no matter what!!

  32. Joe Biden reminds me of Henry Aldridge from Folks.

  33. Biden doesn't even know where he is half the time. Why is he being pushed to do this? He should be enjoying retirement. He probably thinks he's running against Joe Biden.

  34. If Joe Biden fights to the end he will find Pete there before him. Pete's no Corn Pop.

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