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‘Joker’ Scores 11 Oscar Nominations, Female Directors Snubbed | NBC Nightly News

Only one actor of color was nominated this year: Cynthia Erivo, who portrayed Harriet Tubman.
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‘Joker’ Scores 11 Oscar Nominations, Female Directors Snubbed | NBC Nightly News


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  1. and stop making a stupid mainstream news .

  2. It not about a gender, it is all about talent and creativity . It is all about good movie and director. Not about political correction or gender. Is you want to award politician correction go work with Government. Please stop matching with political and movie . They both are different. Oscar is not Politician or Gender. Whoever get successful talented they will get Oscar . Stupid main stream news. Be a positive.

  3. White People really do just make the best movies

  4. Female directors snubbed… why can’t they just say the director that made lady with a portrait on fire, Hustlers, The Farewell, and Little Women weren’t nominated? They were great films and to be honest they were snubbed big time, but don’t make this political please this is ridiculous

  5. People who died is not divers enough

  6. Looks like people expect to win an Oscar just for making a film that is politically correct

  7. Just the little Hollywood bubble who thinks this. Thats why Joker was the biggest movie of the year and won Venice. A price that for filmmakers is a lot more important than an oscar.

  8. If Women want Awards they should make good movies lmao hopefully Joker wins

  9. Aren’t they the sexist ones for bringing up gender in the first place? Critically and commercially successful movies have a higher chance to be nominated than the mediocre movies, duh.

  10. Bi@*h sit down and hold Jokers Oscar's..no one had a chance after that performance

  11. Harriet was a good movie. I don't get why they added some fictional things to it though.
    The scene when she crosses the state line into Pennsylvania and into freedom was incredibly well shot.

  12. Black people are just undermined by Hollywood , only whites win oscars

  13. Women need to make better movies to get nominated get over it EXAMPLE the Democratic party 1 has the largest selection of candidates 2 the most diversified choice between a 4 women a black man and black woman an Asian a Jew a native American and a homosexual and 3 all the media networks in there pocket and Democratic voters still want the old white male it's not that Americans are racest or sexest it's that people need to stop playing the victim because now society just doesn't care we're tired of the sob stories

  14. You can’t call The Academy sexist for arguing that the best movies were directed by men. You don’t hand out the awards because the women were good directors, You hand them out for the most talented filmmakers, regardless of the gender

  15. 72 second report on the Oscars.

    64 seconds of identity politics.

    8 seconds of Joker, which mentions it's "controversial."

    All I'm saying is I wish mainstream news sources didn't come up first when you do Youtube searches.

  16. Just because you're a woman, doesn't mean you are automatically obligated to an Oscar.

  17. Depending on what movies females directed, maybe there just weren't any good ones. I'd have to look into it. Let's be real though, it's still a white mans world… 🙁. Joker was great! There weren't a lot of good movie choices…

  18. I’m so sick and tired and disgusted that The Academy continues to make the group #BestDirector nominees an #AllBoysClub 😑 😡

  19. The Joker is an Awesome Film !

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