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Kudlow says proposed coronavirus stimulus package is roughly $6 trillion

National Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow says the administration and lawmakers are making headway on the coronavirus stimulus package.

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  1. "One day you will see a 100 dollar bill on the street and not pick it up"

  2. No worries if they keep playing this game it will come to a end

  3. I just cant belevie this is this real want get out free money to pay it back later in raised taxes

  4. So basically……all the Heroine & Crack addicts will get the big bucks 🙄

  5. People need to come out to spend the money to make a real difference.

  6. Better raise corporate income tax to 50% on companies that take a grant or a loan from this mess & get rid of all loopholes. Take no tax from households making less than 150k. We are going to be f’ed for couple generations after this.


  8. No don’t sellout to Dem it’s not worth it, what selfish individual, please Lord Jesus protect us from the enemy, I wonder how someone looks themselves in mirror. I believe in free speech and of different ideas, but why does someone or others continue push a reckless ideas on American people. I believe you feel strongly about something you don’t the right push ideas and demand people your only your way, environment, flying ,cars, trains, why our you not using different types of transportation, like mules, horse and buggy, bicycle, or tricycle if you can’t the reach pedals ?

  9. alot of people complaining 1200 is not enough, stupid cunts dont want the stimulus then haha

  10. I seen all the packages about going to those that are effected. What about those that are risking their lives having to work full time in food service. My lung capacity is about 70%. Coronas virus would cut my lung capacity to 40%. I am having to go to work as normal when its spreading. If there was a tornado I probably be expected to work as normal.

  11. How about?

    25 million the Kennedy Center
    75 million National Endowment for the Humanities
    350 million for “migration and refugee assistance”
    25 Million “increased salary” U.S. Congress

    Only employed?

    How about seniors, SSD or SSI disability? The most vulnerable.

    Where is
    $1,200 adult, $500 every child

    Do not have Trump sign this hideous bill.

    Democrats even inserted more money unemployed than employed.

    It will keep people out of work the full 16-weeks.

    Democrats have no interest in small business employing 60% of all employed.

    Democrats have shown their contempt for this country.

  12. If you survive covid 19 long enough to even see the checks .

  13. Going to disney….waite it's closed😟

  14. How much aid is israel getting?

  15. You guys do realize printing that kind of money with a almost zero interest rate is going to create MASSIVE inflation. So buy assets that appreciate.

  16. Everywhere else says 2 trillion


  18. What if you owe the IRS money from the 2018 tax return? Will you still recieve the stimulus check or would you get nothing?? I’m confused

  19. Pestilence is one of the major signs of the end times🗣😷🌊🌪🌩 Keep in in Prayer🙏😔

  20. I can’t believe these mother fuckers failed us

  21. American citizens, i highly recommend to spend your money wisely. Invest it to plant carrots and potato at your backyards. And this is free advice, i don't need your thanks

  22. C'mon Larry we both know that it's not because of coronavirus

  23. This should be in the form of a loan that you have to pay back interest free. For the good of the country.

  24. F U Kidlow
    Why dont you come bail me and those who built a business for many years and paid taxes and its failing now or had failed before. YOU SOB
    Why dont you bail out our vets that fought for “freedom” for your CEOs freedom. You POS. F U and all those CEOs today that are waiting to rob us again.

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