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Lewandowski: DNC is trying to steal election from Sanders, can't beat Trump

Former Trump 2016 campaign manager Corey Lewandowski says if Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., wins the Democratic presidential nomination, it will be a matter of capitalism versus socialism.

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  1. Sounds like somebody is scared Bernie is a knockout fighter against their boy

  2. How great is America u have a CORRUPT Trump , Pompeo and Barr running the country and then u have a Rock Spider like Jordan in the senate Wow Trump really did make America Great again

  3. go bernie .i want to see trump and bernie go head to head lol

  4. Assparty is imploding. Cheers!

  5. Its time to investigate. who murdered President John F Kennedy Senator Robert F Kennedy John Kennedy Jr President Donald J Trump you already win in your second term just relax and be careful we don't want another. US president. murdered by corrupt government official

  6. Health care for all single payer, less expensive, every one is covered, including unions, the union leaders know that , just trying to deflect because health care would not be a bargaining chip anymore

  7. Hey. I have news for the Dummy Dems. You will loose control of the house, regardless of who gets nominated. You've already lost control and will loose most of your elections because of your Deep State Corruption and utter stupidity.

  8. Democrats cant steal the democrat party nomination from sanders


  9. Many Sanders voters were so angry last time they voted for Trump! Probably will again! Thanks Dumbocrats!!

  10. The left has some nerve! They are about to rig their own election yet again and they have accused Trump of this for 3 years. What hypocrisy!!

  11. Trump 2020 go home mini mikey

  12. ,,, Sheesh BErnie,, AOC obviously has her orders,,, and your expendable…

  13. This Nevada thing is not true. Nobody has the support of Obama in the union

  14. The DNC is a corrupt criminal organization. (As opposed to an ordinary criminal organization.)

  15. What is worse? Someone lying to congress or the congress lying to those who elected them?

  16. Dance you fools scramble, and see what sticks but sadly nothing does you will loose to Bernie Sanders.

  17. Even the democrats don’t want Bernie because he is a communist.

  18. Funny that’s what they said about Trump in 2016. Watch out what you ask for Republicans.

  19. Bernie had to know they was going to screw him, AGAIN???
    The Communist sold out to the one who screwed him, he has a backbone of an ell.

  20. if you have medicare, you know you have to pay a premium for just the straight stuff, and you have no choice but to use your social security and/or pension to pay that.. if you want to have advantage care it's even MORE.. that is NOT being addressed for seniors and I don't see it being addressed for younger able bodied people. NO PLAN, NO Vote.

  21. Mark Wildman, you are right, Bernie proved to be, to weak to take on the Deep State. Blooming Idiot is their choice, that and the $41 million he is giving the dnc to back him.

  22. People need to face the FACT, you, your opinion, your choice of candidates are not welcome. YOUR VOTE, ..IF..it is for their establishment candidate that will keep the quid pro quo duo-poly in power, while citizens continue to struggle. They will find a way to frack Democrats AGAIN in 2020. Walk Away! Onward!

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