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Michael Bloomberg Talks Gun Buybacks, Student Loan Debt | NBC News NOW

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg talks about some of his policy points including reparations, student loan debt, and gun buybacks.
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Michael Bloomberg Talks Gun Buybacks, Student Loan Debt | NBC News NOW


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  1. How is Michael Bloomberg going to buy back your gun? Did you buy your gun from Michael Bloomberg? He don't want you to have guns to protect your family but he has armed guards 24/7 around him. He could set a good example by giving up all of his Security First.

  2. You can’t “buy back” something that was never yours to begin with. You aren’t getting our guns, Bloomberg. And you aren’t getting anywhere near the white house

  3. Bloomberg has some good ideas who hear think trump would use his own money for his campaign ha ha never he likes steal from the poor

  4. good luck getting those guns bloomblatt

  5. Bloomberg you will never get the respect of gun owners. You lost all credibility when you said automatic. Smh people who don’t know the right information should really shut their mouth!

  6. The same people who whine about the military and police want to ONLY arm the military and police. Why? Because complaining is how they get love.

  7. Buy them back? When did YOU ever own them? NEVER, so you never had the right take people's legally acquired property

  8. Ain't ever gonna work to make gun confiscation mandatory. People have the right to defend themselves. Every candidate who pushed gun bans don' t even qualify for the primary any more. If there is a real reason to replace Trump, it better be without trying to turn his base against him. There are legitimate reasons to own and operate semi-auto rifles just try and understand how wildlife, agriculture, farming, private business (like feed stores and livestock sales) would be affected without the 2nd amendment.

  9. “Automatic weapons”???!

  10. That's his only motive. Is to TRY to remove my president. He doesn't have an answer. You make the important moves as you go.

  11. Who is their right mind would vote for someone who wants to take your rights away and raise your taxes? what a joke.

  12. The student debt crisis.. It is tragic.. So heartbreaking.. To see all the World available to these young minds, yet they cannot afford to 'reach for the stars'….. So sad…. It is heartbreaking…. So many, are under the yoke of knowledge or the lack thereof, only to have knowledge, place an even heavier burden of responsibility on their shoulders….. So sad.. They have to give so much of what they once were, once they attain knowledge.. Knowledge is 'life altering', no question…

    But with God's grace and Good, Honest people, like Michael Bloomberg, there with them, in their sturgles, they will make it through.. "God will not place upon you a burden, you cannot bear, else he would not be God"…

    Praise jesus and all these Heavenly Prized Christian souls….

    May the God of Truth, be with you all!

  13. Hey look, it's BLOOM-TURD ROTFLMAO what a joke this dude is. OH, and FUQ all his $$$$$$$$$

  14. Go feed the homeless and fix Pelosi district mess she left behind and shut the f up already. Guns this guns that bs. If he realy cared how come he ain't feeding the homeless people everywhere?

  15. This guys will raise taxes on the middle class. He’s an imbecile but he is right about not going into peoples homes to take our guns. If that ever happened, there’d be a lot of children growing up in a single parent household.

  16. Where were you when all this started since the 80s? Huh? You aint fooling me. What a shame this guy comes out of the blue yonder and now claims he cares. Hey old man go home quit trying to play God. Just because your rich doesn't mean jack But the reality is your friends the dems f*ched up. Its in the open we know now thier true colors. You can't fix nothing now its too late. Trump will have to fix everything for you all lazy f*cks who left a mess.

  17. This guy is a sexual abusers

    Wait till the stories come out about this pervert


  19. Just stop forcing politicians on us that we want to punch in the jaw already, will you?

  20. Fake weather reports Fake imminent threats Fakepresident

  21. Nice video where he disagrees with his fellow colleagues in that he doesn't think the rich need to be taxed more. He feels the poor should pay more…… Typical lying P.O.S.

  22. Contact in gun seller and ask how many automatic assault weapons are sold to the general public. They will all tell you ZERO! You want our vote and you don’t know what your talking about. You need to be fired … again.

  23. Bloomberg doesn't even know what gun laws are already on the books and people think he would be a good choice for president? Wtf is wrong with us?

  24. You have to go thru the NFA to buy automatic firearms. Most automatic firearms cost $10,000+. The amount of people buying automatic firearms isn't the issue in America. Fragility & false affluent cultures are to blame.

  25. Gun buyback is just a fancy politician term for gun confiscation. Bloomberg should be no where near the white house

  26. Well it depends on what you're paying for those guns. Most people are in poverty and guns are the trickle down from the demon lords that have so much. Pay well for guns you will get them. But greed is why we are all facing the precipice of self annihilation.

  27. You cant buy whats not for sale and taking them by force is not a buy back its theft. Watch yourself bloomberg

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