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'Name that player!' Healy v Healy Specsavers Challenge

Wicketkeeping legend Ian Healy takes on his niece – and current Aussie superstar – Alyssa Healy as they go head-to-head in a challenge to see who can name the blurred-out players fastest


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  1. 2020 anyone. Of just me😭😭

  2. I wouldn’t have got the female players even if they weren’t blurry 😂

  3. Omg that’s Mitchell starcs wife

  4. I had no idea about any of the female players 😂

  5. does anyone know the girls

  6. Did greg healy ,play for australia

  7. Omg I had a thought come in my mind that thumbnail pic is of stoinis.

  8. Why don’t BCCI do this they are too busy being corrupt and selling stuff for money

  9. Maybe her uncle but damn they have the same eyes and nose

  10. Omg his niece looks like him

  11. Ian Healy… you beauty !! Truly missing his commentry !! 🤔

  12. she gets all the womens players and he gets all the mens

  13. I was waiting for Mitch Starc and his new action.

  14. Cmon no Mitchell Starc? That would have been a hoot.

  15. Uncle knows best then. I thought he was her dad.

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  17. I am the 1st comment. Yeah
    Pls like

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