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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 13th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Attorney General Barr says Trump’s Justice Department tweets make it ‘impossible’ to do his job, Michael Bloomberg, under fire for past policies, trades attacks with Trump, and new video shows China’s ‘wartime controls’ to fight coronavirus outbreak.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

1:33 Barr On Trump Tweets: ‘Impossible For Me To Do My Job’
3:05 Trump Feuds With Ex-Top AIDE Who Defended Vindman
3:38 White House: Trump ‘Wasn’t Bothered’ By Barr’s Rebuke
3:55 Trump & Bloomberg Clash In Angry War Of Words
5:43 Coronavirus Cases Surge To Nearly 60,000 In China
7:00 15th Case Of Coronavirus In U.S. Confirmed
7:39 Harvey Weinstein’s Defense Gives Closing Arguments
9:12 Arctic Blast Hiting With Dangerous Deep Freeze
9:59 Missing 6-Year-Old Girl Found Dead Near Man’s Body
11:50 Some Smile Direct Club Customers Report Painful Problems
16:19 2-Year-Old Child Saved From Drowning In Hotel Pool
17:57 Video Of Passenger Punching Reclined Seat Sparks Debate
19:18 Dog Welcomes Home Record-Breaking Astronaut

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 13th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. …yep, let your seat back up, no on want you in their lap.

  2. Barr is a show he is trash as Trump is, liar and a traitor.

  3. This is unprecedented!! Trump is punking everybody; and in the face of all things? An IMPEACHMENT that failed to remove him from office No less!! And we all know what that means! Another term in office!!

  4. Trump – Barr…..Fake News

  5. Coronavirus is no more worse than the flu, which has killed more in the U.S. than the Coronavirus has in China, with a population over 4 times higher!

  6. Trump is not bothered because he knows Barr is blowing smoke up your ………

  7. Trump is turning America into a sick joke, where you cannot believe anyone. The level of lying is insane.

  8. "Please call the police!"….. guess the chicken was that good she forgot her 2 year old

  9. Hmmmmm, Barr thinks that people are stupid

  10. Police say lol same cops that steal people money at the side of the road wow

  11. Gotta hang those dog legs on the door handle can’t have corona spreading in the market 😂

  12. Don't look at us like that , America. It's the government! All of it. We get instructions, very strict! Help me. I'm Lester and I'm a recovering alcoholic.#LesterHolt #empathy

  13. The parents or whoever was in charge of that little two year old in the pool should be charged with some type of criminal offense. And not allowed to have children and their possession ever again.

  14. Trump and bar discussed and rehearsed this whole tweet issue before bar probably about it. It's all staged BS.

  15. Staged, staged, staged !!! It’s just a way to serve the master better…. “don’t make my servitude so obvious and I can serve you better”.

  16. You cannot let your 4 year old. Play outside alone. God!!!!!!!! Dammit!!!!!!!!!!

  17. QUIT TALKING SHIZ ABOUT TRUMP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT! It sounds good.. He's saying this, He's saying that, yet you KEEP LETTING HIM SAY IT?? Yes he's a POS but what you going to do about it? Pointing your finger is NOT AN ACTION! Trump is that obnoxious kid that has his finger in your face saying "I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you." WHO'S GOING TO STAND UP TO THIS TYRANT???


  19. Charlottsville tells the story of trumps race relations in the US. Then his friendship with David Duke and white supremacists pretty much tells you the rest.

  20. trump will continue and escalate his dictatorial vendetta against anyone or any nation that defies trump in any way and now the Senate has given the thumbs up to trump admitting his crimes since no one has the cojones to impeach him. The GOP are fully on board with dictator trump and only surgery or jail will separate them.

  21. Be respectful is funny. As a male AMERICAN I find we're the only ones who are overly respecrful. That last seat is useless and to tap a seat is not assault. I don't give af how many times he did it. Although miss Wendy may feel irritated he probably was irritated by her also. The video was funny af.

  22. Non-disclosure it to protect. Your medical info

  23. This about the child was sad on both cases. As for BARR he should be disbarred and taken from power he is making justice a JOKE. aS IS HIS President. Get this clown out of office or curtail him I'm speaking of the President. You had a chance Republican's and you failed you failed your voters . Remember this betrayal come election time. They want an Authoritarian Regime. What if your religious denomination does not fit into The Republican's or Trumps field.

  24. That poor little girl. May God rest her soul. R.I.P. Faye😪

  25. I swear Bloomberg is just doing this to spite Trump he’s wasting his time he should be running to make up for the mistakes he made

  26. viva el presidente, si!🇺🇸

  27. Pelosi needs to craw in a corner somewhere and finish dying

  28. Is there really a need to say "breaking news" every day? Saying that constantly is worse than half of the things in the stories!

  29. I want yellow weather glasses hahahahahaha

  30. I can't believe NBC News reports Barr's 'break from trump' as a real thing. Give me a break. The real thing would have been for Barr to keep his fat hand out of true justice handed down for a real criminal. What Barr did was unheard of and just another act of a dictator handing down his own judgement to be carried out by his own clowns.

  31. Imposible para ti hacer tus trampas porque el genio es tan genio que el solito se descubre.y te pone en los problemas que tienes por traidor.

  32. Al Roker looks so ridiculous with those different glasses, if women have to wear dresses, then there should be a no-no dress code for those silly glasses.

  33. no kids that have been given hormone suppressants today?

  34. Why does Al have on yellow glasses?

  35. Barr is upset that the White House occupant can't keep his mouth shout about their crimes!

  36. William Barr ,Donald Trump ,Michael Bloomberg all nominees for best actor.Nov 2020 comes the blue actors to clean up their mess.

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