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Nike's earnings better than expected: Report

FOX Business’ Deirdre Bolton says Nike exceeded analysts’ expectations by producing $10.1 billion in revenue this fiscal quarter.

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  1. Nike is a bad company and I would never buy anything they make. They could give their things away and I would burn them instead.

  2. Do they actually think this is good news? I hope they crash and burn!

  3. I know the Alt-right are mad over this making that money Nike will never die💯💯

  4. Fk Nike ! Under Armour baby ! They don't hate America !!

  5. I wouldn't put it past these snakes at Nike to lie, and manipulate the real numbers to their investers. A lot of people that used to buy Nike, don't anymore, a lot. They are definitely shifting numbers all over the place to make up, or disguise their losses. I smell BS.

  6. Hey nike ,see my finger?!?! You guys suck!

  7. Earnings went up when they bought Uighur slave labor from the CCP. Nike bought and sold to China!
    They tread on our flag and dont stand for the national anthem.

  8. Ight so it's clear we boycotting Nike? Right.. well puma it is 🤷🏽‍♂️

  9. IAM😡 will rip the souls out of these abomination. IAM😡 bound by Law-Justice, and IAM😡 🗡🗡🏹 Law-Justice the Ruler of Mankind made lower to 🕎✡Angels🌌.

  10. Члены миссии НАТО в Афганистане заражены коронавирусом
    У Канаді закривається Mcdonald’s та Starbucks
    Компания Boeing остановила выплату всех дивидентов на неопределенный срок

    У Букінгемському палаці зафіксовано перший випадок зараження коронавірусом
    Американский драматург Терренс МакНэлли умер от коронавируса.
    Через коронавірус. У Франції помер знаменитий джазовий музикант Ману Дібанго

  11. When companies buy their own stock – this is what happens …CCP Nike has to look good

  12. Don't tell me people are hoarding tennis shoes along with toilet paper, water, ammunition, and paper towels.

  13. Kobe Bryant. I'm just gonna leave that here.

  14. Guess someone was wearing out a lot of their shoes by running around trying to buy all their groceries and quarantine supplies.

  15. I would never buy Nike shoes again.

  16. That's because 90% of the world other than the Republicans buy their clothing.

  17. Stupids will always spend 200.00 on shoes that cost 1.50 to make. Lets hope they get a bailout also. Support small business people, its what runs the USA.

  18. That's because the number of people trying to run away from the virus.

  19. Whatever… not buying Nike products, not buying Nike stocks.

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