Home / News / Schumer calls new $2T stimulus package 'unemployment on steroids'

Schumer calls new $2T stimulus package 'unemployment on steroids'

The $2 trillion economic stimulus package to support Americans amid coronavirus will give billions of dollars to small businesses and larger industries. FOX Business’ Hillary Vaughn with more.

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  1. Schumer and Pelosi are using a pandemic to force policy the American people did not vote for. Vote all Democrats out in November!

  2. He makes my skin crawl. LIZARD

  3. if delaying Ukraine aid is impeachable, so well with Pelosi delaying American aid impeachable too…adding to it held American hostage with her demand funds has nothing to do with coronavirus bill…taking this opportunities for their own glory…their saying " never let CRISIS go to waste"


  5. February 25 "There's no money to pay for anything." March 25 Capitalism: "Hold my trillions."

  6. I like the fact that Schumer made sure none of this money goes to any of Trumps businesses or those within his administration. But then again, only less than half of this bail out goes to working Americans but instead most will end up helping Corporations that made billions since Trump took office and used their gains to buy back stocks which further increase their own individual wealth. Why dont they just increase all those stocks they bought back to sustain themselves? If investors have confident in them, the could sure raised the money they need for day to day operations until this crisis is over. Most Americans are working from pay check to pay check so they cant just create money out of thin air to get by.

  7. You really didn't have to let Schumer speak so he can try to take credit for the bill

  8. Schumer and Pelosi are a couple of old fools who should have retired 30 years ago!
    Vote all Dims out of office….

  9. Call it the inflation stimulus package.

  10. Chuck Schrewmore needs to stop trying to obstruct our president and retire as well as Nancy Pootloosely

  11. 3/25/20, lawmakers do not agree on $2 trillion stimulus package. More delays in getting this money to people that have none to pay their bills or rent. Oh how nice, we have a law to keep owners from evicting during this crisis. When over and some normalcy returns, the owners will evict you right off the bat because you didn't pay on-time and through no fault of your own. Very nice package indeed.

  12. Nancy should have been busting her azz,she is Speaker but only talks mumbles that sound a bit slurrry and sounds sloshed or some dramatic mental health issue. Either way she an Biden can't recall what they are even doing there!

  13. I don't remember asking Schumer for his unsolicited opinion on the matter. He's useless.

  14. Why did it take so long? Canada just did it. Citizens need it. Ok, Bill passed!

  15. Kennedy Center? means they are not self-sustaining. And when did they have Any Programs for American Veterans and Families?

  16. Government is utterly corrupt and disgraceful. Any legislation out of this Congress is going to be a massive theft in favor of Congress members, their corrupt oligarch benefactors, and their family members.

  17. More of "we have to pass it to see what's in there" again

  18. A liberal communist that hates big government spending! 😂😂😂😂good joke!

  19. I wanna chuck schumer off the island deep in middle Pacific Ocean.

  20. I am not a fan of Democrats, especially Pelosi and Schumer, but as a Republican we know we are never ok giving people free stuffs. 2 weeks ago, we went crazy over $2 billion dollars that was too much but now we drop it to $2 trillion and still trying to take full credit for it and bashing others while putting $500 billion for Corporate companies with no supervision. So, if there is one thing we (Republicans) have been consistent on was bailing corporate companies. Too bad some of us don't want to hear the truth!

  21. Why can we ALL not have one concise issue designed to be voted on fast, then followed by the next?
    Once we ALL followed national debt. & realized future citizens will have it even rougher than we do now. I am not against the various emergency helps, just against presenting the specter pf a pie so fattening that no 'mistake' can resist it. That's the problem- dangling a huge $$ package out and passively watching greed aspects emerge.Even if a worker payout was standardized, it would still be a non-consentual buy off accepted under durress. Structured this way, it would still be license to spend much more than on wage earners in ways we can not easily monitor. It would still be having a field day not only on present tax dollars, but on future ones — and on more shakey loans. Don't say I am insensitive to industry, law enforcement in problem zones, small business, or the suffering (distracted) employees. All for that, just not in this manner. I think most of us on every side can see this. In that aspect, we are still united…except for a few just glad to get it over with or desperate to receive & hurting. This was not our finest hour. We agreed pure democracy led to us all voting for a personal grab bag, yet what does representation accomplish when all fail to represent in a smart understandable and cooperative manner? Just who is actually representing when the numbers listening to general citizen ideas based on common sense are too few?

  22. No raise at all for anyone in nancy pelosis congress they made enough with their slush funds Ukraine etc etc etc….they all owe us money they stole from the american people….

  23. LIAR ! what a CREEP this guy is

  24. The Demorats will be taking credit for this and all they did was add garbage to it! Vote them out in September.


  26. Fantastic Schumer…….No ones even read all of this plan yet…so…I'm going on vacation for 4 months. Florida beach, Las Vegas, SWA, here I come. Free Gov money…..cool.

  27. Tell Pelosi to pass the bill so she can find out what’s in it.

  28. Now wait!! Wasn't it Nasty Nancy that said that they needed to pass it to find out what's in it??
    Oh wait! That was Obamacare!! Shame on me!

  29. PELOSI again HATING ON THE AMERICAN WORKERS. Flies into DC and stops the Great Bipartisan Bill from being given to relieve working/laid off/ stay in place AMERICANS to push her party's GREEDY AGENDA to stick things in this bill that have nothing to do with RELIEF HELP. We all wish we could have had a week of vacation at the taxpayer's expense, but that RICH MILLIONAIRE who cares only about herself SCREWS UP THE ENTIRE PROCESS. SHAMEFUL PELOSI.

  30. Why have you kept funds from the sick & dying again ? I went to School with half of KING COUNTY , So now the horrible sacrifice people & humanity has and is enduring is on your hands. MERCY GOD~ HELP OUR PLANT .

  31. THE B IS PLAYING GOD ,oooo let's all be grateful for the bill to pass , thank you god Nancy ….

  32. FIRE SCHUMER.******
    AND PELOSI *******

  33. NOT if it has people being paid 24 bucks an hr on unemployment when they normally make less money and hr. What would be the incentive to go to work then? It would screw the small businesses who take loans if people are going to not return to work! That better be fixed to what ever they were getting paid an hr. Not more which will screw up return to work. I’m not supposed to hate anyone but I’m really struggling with everything the democrats try to force down our throats ESPECIALLY putting crap in a bill that is just their wish list and not related to us

  34. 😷😷😷🤒🤒🤒😡😡So far this administration has given us a government shutdown, an impeachment, and a pandemic. Don't republicans think it's about time to stop lying about being better, and actually do better and earn a second term rather than steal it.🤕🤕😰😰


  36. 😷😷😷🤒🤒🤒And what about seniors on fixed incomes that had part time jobs to make ends meet and now have to stay home and possibly "God forbid" possibly starving. 😭😭😭Why are senators Basse, McConnell, others don't hesitate to give money to corporations and scrutinize every dime given to the American people, if they get anything at all.😮😮😮😮

  37. I call it a liberals wet dream. Republicans can no longer say they are the party of small government. I'm voting independent from now on

  38. Little Chucky needs to let that cut under his nose heal.

  39. Going to need more than 2 Trillion! Guys… PROTECT YOURSELF !!! DO NOT listen to the clowns!

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