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See Jill Biden Help Remove Heckler From Campaign Rally | NBC News

After introducing her husband Vice President Joe Biden at a campaign event, Jill Biden was one of the first to help remove a heckler.
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See Jill Biden Help Remove Heckler From Campaign Rally | NBC News


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  1. You can see who wears the pants in that mansion.

  2. Looks like a fat loser on a mission

  3. Okay ……Jill! We see you

  4. Mrs Biden needs to watch the videos on YouTube of her husband groping young girls, and other females of all ages..her husband has issues! She needs to seek him some medical help.. not to mention, her son is a crack head! People are mad this Pedophile wants to be President!.. Jill..Clean your yard, instead of being mad that people are fed up with your garbage!

  5. LOL! Maybe Jill should run for president. Creepy Uncle Joe shouldn't.

  6. Lmfao he needs his wife to stand up for him he’s crashing and burning so badly

  7. Bafoon Ho Joe is always a good laugh

  8. Biden avoided the draft with five deferments ( claiming asthma) even though he could play football and be a lifeguard at a pool at the time

  9. The Treasury Dept. complied with a request by senate republicans for documents related to Hunter Bidens ties to a Ukranian energy company. Maybe sleepy joe could hire Corn Pop to help him out

  10. What kind of a wimp needs his wife to his handle business? He’s lucky his wife didn’t get knocked out.

  11. 00:01 “We want Trump, we want Trump!…”

  12. This is a "rally"? It's at a friggin' high school gymnasium. Meanwhile, Trump fills up arenas with many more waiting outside.

  13. Sleepy 😴 Joe Biden you have zero chance of beating President Trump give it up.

  14. Jill Biden how does it feel to be married to a prevert.

  15. Another Bernie supporting Brownshirt. You can tell by his pony tail and neckbeard. Leftists are the most intolerant people in America by far. A true plague on this nation.

  16. Joe Biden is a snooze candidate, babbling nonsense, I wouldn’t have him balance my checking account unless he fills it with corrupt cash from foreign countries. Bernie has big ideas and ideals, but it’s well known that socialism is a dead end road. In a perfect world maybe, but in the real world we have Trump. Right now Trump is the man for the job and nobody from the Democrats stand a chance. Get used to President Trump, with all his quirks and features. Straight shooting, talking, politically incorrect, and shooting from the hip. Cover your children’s ears when he’s speaking, because world events and the economy is for the grown ups and grown ups talk tough and dirty at times. That’s what passionate people do, not robotic talking like Obama or those do nothing politicians from both sides of the aisle. Right now we need the “Un-politician” in office. A practical street smart fighter who has the American people’s backs. If you don’t like his language or find him un democratic ask yourself what would be the alternative? A smooth talking polite do nothing probably. No one is perfect, Trump included, but you can’t take away his accomplishments to date. Hate the man all you want but he gets stuff done!!

  17. Joe, you’re a lying, dog-faced pony soldier.

  18. Sanders supporters are even worse than this heckler. They threaten and intimidate all the time and then project that it's everyone else who is bullies and intolerant.

  19. That's bucket boy. From auditing America

  20. So now we know the truth about how it went down with Cornpop – Joes lady ran in and took care of it for him while he doddered around incoherently

  21. Were they chanting we want Trump at the end😂😂😂💀

  22. Not much of a "news" story … I would have liked to know what the person was saying. Not just how Democrats can't stand to hear the opinions of others. We all already know that.

  23. It's to bad Biden has to suppress freedom of speach.

  24. Joe's "Apple Dumpling Gang" rally.

  25. Remember Joe was caught on camera touching, kissing and sniffing under-aged girls.

  26. Paid actors are those firefighters.

  27. Any moron can vote, and own a gun.

  28. Trump is such a great president he is almost like emperor palpatine

  29. Biden with his crowd of 28

  30. That how Jill puts Joe to bed.

  31. 👍 💯 👍 TRUMP 👍 💯 👍

  32. biden is a doddery old man……send him to the farm upstate. the worst candidate for president

  33. Biden looks like an old man who knows he's going to prison .. with his old boss and Hunter. Hilarious!!

  34. Criminal Republicans have nothing better to do than disrupt democracy.

  35. No security whatsoever.. That's quite amazing with this toxic atmosphere Trump has created

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