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The Democrat party is 'all in' for socialism: Rep. Mark Green

Rep. Mark Green, R-Tenn., says a socialist agenda would be disastrous for a free-market America. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Look at the stupid media acting like they are shocked at the communist when they push bad news every day you are the communist party

  2. Most Republicans are also all in for socialism. In Britain taxes are used to hire health care workers who deliver health care to those who need it without a charge at the time the service is provided. That is socialism. In the US taxes are used to hire firemen who deliver fire suppression to those who need it without a charge at the time the service is provided. That is socialism. Police, same. National defense, same. Secret Service, same. Republicans opposed social security and Medicare claiming they were socialism. Republicans support them. Most Republicans favor increasing taxes on the rich. Both democrats and republicans are all in for socialism.

  3. I always give you a thumbs but Charles, please don't wear that cheep suit any more. none of the pinstripes line up.

  4. Obama was very much a socialist dictator. He said he didn't need congress and he should it. The Iran deal ,Paris agreement, Daca and 7 wars without congress it a dictator

  5. The only kind of "socialism" these Demo-Nazis are pushing is just so much business as usual. It's known as "socialism for the rich; free enterprise for the poor".

  6. the democrats don't want socialism they want a stalinist totalitarian gulag run by the billion pocs they intend to flood the country with

  7. Dems would drop to their knees if they thought it will get them the presidency!!

  8. Great job Mr President TRUMP

  9. I am a little concerned that everyone is saying Bernie won Iowa because he had the most votes vs: delegates won, which was or course Pete. They sound too much like the democrats who think Hillary won because she had the most votes. Number of votes do not decide the democratic nominee delegates do just as number of votes in the national election do not decide the presidency, number of electors do.

  10. If Bernie gets the nomination he will do to the Democrat party what Jeremy Corbyn, A UK Bernie Clone has just done to the UK Labour Party and led it to its worst election defeat in 85 years running on the very same insane Marxist policies and one it might never recover from for decades if ever

  11. Bernie should stay in Russia what was he doing there? Up to no good.

  12. Imagine how stupid the world thinks Americans are. They are shunning socialism and the stupid Americans are embracing it. Socialism can die with the Democrat communist Party. I have no love for it or their party. Bernie a totally do nothing senator and is known for his trists in Moscow and loves breadlines. GO DEMOCRATS EAT HIS FECES WHEN YOU RUN OUT OF BREAD.

  13. If like someone to remind these candidates that President Trump gives away his pay while the other politicians are taking from the country he's giving back ask him in an open forum what they think about it

  14. In Vietnam, we dispatched communists. Now, they're running for the presidency of our great country. Unbelievable…

  15. NOT ALL DEMOCRATS are for Socialism!!! Socialism is the door jam to Communism!!! Very bad. How come the schools haven't taught this great problem for the people ANYWHERE!!!! Trump 2020

  16. Just saying 'Socialism Sucks' won't convince inquiring minds.

    Socialism fails to acknowledge that human incentive is a respectable human need.

    Under Socialism, you are not allowed to get rich.

    If the government is the only employer, you can't collect enough tax to pay everybody.



  18. Trump is gona get the Daddy spankn he never got against Bernie

  19. Lol !! Yea….. don't think so.

  20. Thankfully the majority of Americans are not !

  21. Democrats don't know how to do match ! And ….

  22. The fact that socialism is even being debated is terrifying. Bernie puts the word "Democratic" behind socialist but it's really an oxymoron. Socialism cannot exist in a democracy, that's not how it works. How is it that kids these days aren't being taught the horrendous history of socialism over the last 100 years. Bernie has a 1% chance at being elected President in my opinion and it's still way to high.

  23. Can some explain to an ignorant Aussie what happens on Super Tuesday and what it’s purpose is, please

  24. The extra 3 trillion will come out of our paychecks. Once he wins he will say this is what you wanted, all these freebies and unfortunately we don't have the money so we have to take all of yours to take care of you. It's like the country will be a fancy retirement community

  25. What the heck do all those people waving bernie signs think they are gonna get voting in socialism..??…Just look at Venezuela to see what bernies vision is..I want to walk and pet my dog not eat it….You can vote your way into socialism but you have to shoot your way out…

  26. I am totally fine with socialism I tell millinials and gen Z’s what to do all day now, I can’t wait to do it by gunpoint. No more half azzing you guys will work until I am tired. No more smart phones no more facebooking or instagramming or snap chatting just work work work then run home so you can stand in the bread line for hours like all the other socialist countries… can’t wait. Btw We will be telling you what jobs you will be doing, me Bernie and all the other super rich people… after we take all your money you saved. We know best what is good for you… or else.

  27. It WILL be a brokered convention, but it will not be Mike Bloomberg who will win the nomination nod. Michelle Obama will be the nominee. Barack Obama will be re-entering back onto the world stage with his wife in tow. She will make an 11th hour surprise appearance and entrance at the brokered convention with the support, endorsement and introduction of her husband… just wait and see. The DEMs know she is the only person who even has a chance of beating Donald Trump. As sickening as that scenario will be…it will happen.

  28. Delinquent parents–good job.

  29. Democrat's is full socialism and dismantling federal NSA-DHS-DOD-Treasury-Finance-Commerce-IRS USA🇺🇸.

  30. Bernie Sanders is not a Socialist. Bernie Sanders is a Communist.

  31. Bernie's gonna have a lot of trouble with the Cuban, Nicaraguan, Chinese, former Soviet, Vietnamese, Laotian, Ethiopian, Algerian, et al immigrants. I sincerely believe he's miscalculating the desire for socialism.

  32. Hold on! Here is a Winning Voting Metric from 2016, no one is currently following!
    Based upon the “Primary Model Metric” from Stony Brook Univ., going back to 1912 election data,
    if one simply counts the most Primary votes, and this includes whoever is the CURRENT PRESIDENT
    in the White House, that person will become President of the United States. Pres. Trump received
    a HISTORICALLY high 122,000 votes for the Republican Party, in the New Hampshire Primary, which
    was MORE than 2X the votes Pres. Obama received the same time in 2012. More importantly, Senator Sanders
    only received 72,000 to 75,00 votes!  Again, the candidate with the HIGHEST PRIMARY VOTE tally, according
    to the “Primary Model Metric”, went on to win the Presidency! This means Pres. Donald J Trump will be
    President for a 2nd term. This same Stony Brook Professor called Trump's presidency when Pres. Trump was a candidate in 2016, during the Primary Season, using his modeling method back then.

  33. Well, the ones that are still with the party anyway. We will find out how many moderates jumped ship in November.

  34. Save America deport the communist, no convicted commu ist should be allowed to live here, that includes chinese ommunist ambassadors! Democrat socialist communist like Bernie and all his supporters. They need to be hung as traitors!


  36. the end of this country as we know it is coming if the old idiot wins. glad I am ready to defend my family.

  37. 2:55 The Stinking Lying Scamming democrat leadership wanted the 10 million people added for Food Stamps because they would be dependent on the government so they were buying votes. Just like Bernie would like.

  38. Amazon and other big companies are standing up to TN's new anti women's right and anti LGBT adoption bills. Ten congress people better hold on tight. The governer too. We are going to vote you all out.

  39. It is NOT crazy when you consider that, for two generations, our kids have been indoctrinated by Marxists in our colleges and universities. Time to bring back the House UnAmerican Activities Committee. 😎

  40. Bernie is a communist. Look around you tonight. If you like what you see, don't vote Bernie.

  41. Bernie is not a Socialist. The current climate is so far in the opposite direction, that any real plan to implement the much needed correction of the status quo, if logically designed, is going to look socialist to everyone that has become comfortable in captivity and lost the ability to recognize the red flags that warn them they are being manipulated and oppressed. This is a nation suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

  42. Democrats… selling a utopian dream so you can live a nightmare.

  43. What will Nancy say when we hit 30,000?

  44. If Bernie had not been cheated by Hillary he might of won back in 2016, people want fair health care, not everyone has a 401k and stocks. Bernie has a lot of appeal to many Americans , POTUS needs to jump all over health care, and help Americans. Many middle class people as well as normal people have no health care because it is so expensive


  46. Bernie: I love Socialism!
    History of Socialism: How many times do we have to teach you, old man!

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