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There's no shame in taking care of your mental health | Sangu Delle

When stress got to be too much for TED Fellow Sangu Delle, he had to confront his own deep prejudice: that men shouldn’t take care of their mental health. In a personal talk, Delle shares how he learned to handle anxiety in a society that’s uncomfortable with emotions. As he says: “Being honest about how we feel doesn’t make us weak — it makes us human.”

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  1. Took a mental health day from work and this really helped me process the feeling of shame. Thank you!

  2. What a beautiful talk given by a lovely human being. I've watched countless hours of documentaries & talks on mental illness & suicide. I've attended university lectures on human psychology & read dozens of books. And yet, this man's vulnerability, courage, & honesty brought tears to my eyes.

    I lost my father to suicide when he was only 47 & I was 24. I had no idea he had been suffering in silence. He never got to meet any of his grandchildren or my husband.

    Untreated mental illness causes unspeakable pain; it can also lead to death. Please speak up & speak out — you might save lives.

  3. mental health is under-rated? its a…….killer?

  4. South Sáhara people fail to recognize Europeans as people as you can see

  5. So fantastic that you chose to be so open! What a courageous man you are! ♥️ I would absolutely love for you to check out and follow my new mental health blog! It would be an honor to share my journey with you! Here is my latest entry ♥️

  6. Church and mental illness does not mix well. I rather get help from my doctor. I lost all faith in a God who could heal me if he wanted to. The stigma is real when the church demonized the mentally ill. I have church trauma. I rather be a new ager. Thank you for sharing your story. God bless you richly.

  7. Thank you, my brother! You give me hope…for black men, and that gives me hope for black people.

  8. As a Finn, I find especially ironic that Finland is called "the happiest country"

    Yet, our suicide rates are pretty much the highest in the world. And it seems really reasonable, I don't think mental health is taken seriously anymore.

    If you tell someone you couldn't come to school because you just couldn't find the power to get out of bed due to the killing, suffocating feeling inside of you, slowly waiting for you to break down; "You just wanna skip school."

    You are not alone, and taking care of your mental health is ALWAYS okay. Don't let "them" say otherwise.

  9. 2:20 who ever started clapping😂😂 I’m dead

  10. Thank you for such and wonderful, open, moving, and talk!

  11. Beautiful speech. I hope you find your peace.


  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSnkBRhi9FE&t=117s
    Hello, I am a 3rd year student and have recently made a short film about male mental health. Suicide is heartbreaking for the individual suffering and their loved ones. I hope this film allows men to feel less alone and to get help. Thank you

  14. Mental health issues are easily at the top of our community’s list of issues. Of course, the historical backdrop of the slave trade and slavery should not be overlooked. However, once we move closer to the present, we have to look at our families. So much trauma. So much inter-generational trauma. Sadly, we carry that trauma into adulthood and, knowingly or unknowingly, we pass the trauma onto to our children. Black girls get raped, for example. That is a serious trauma. Then, they grow up and have children. For whatever reason, the couple separates. Millions of our children are trapped in the middle of high conflict divorces and end up being forced to “choose sides.” In too many instances, black fathers are alienated from their children. The children grow up with their own mental health issues, thereby continuing this viscous cycle. I think the mental health issues surrounding parental alienation is a good place to begin some serious research, dialogue, and therapy. Read up on Ade. Craig Childress. He has videos on YouTube. Otherwise, the NOI has one of the best rehabilitation programs hands down.

  15. If only chester listened to your advice maybe we wouldnt lose him.;(

  16. Real talk, respect for the shining eyes of those who serv with passion.


  18. Hardcore criminals are living better off than psychiatry patients here in India.Are there Indians working in your country.

  19. It's as good as being dead.Its a disease that insults you every now and then.Injures you physically verbally psychologically.As far as psychiatry health Care is concerned I do not love this country at all.You cannot even vote or get the basic documents like opening a bank account a pan card get a job or get fired to be replaced by someone else.

  20. As an Indian it's very difficult to face mental health illness.

  21. Is the most sexy thing to do. Take care of yourself

  22. This is amazing opening up about mental health is something we all need to do more! That is why i am swimming the channel this august! Facebook/Just Giving Jackswimsthechannel 🙂
    I do talks every tuesday on mental health on my channel!

  23. This is amazing opening up about mental health is something we all need to do more! That is why i am swimming the channel this august! Facebook/Just Giving Jackswimsthechannel 🙂
    I do talks every tuesday on mental health on my channel!

  24. Hello I need some help but I do not want to go to the to the doctors because I will lose my job and my license to do my job as well as my driver's license for this here are my symptoms

    Suddenly developed Tourette's, auditory hallucination, hallucinating smells, severely reduced motor coordination, greatly reduced mental cognitivity,

    I have not had a head injury
    I do not drink or do drugs of any kind
    I have not had any sort of emotional trauma or Devastation in my family and was in perfect health previous
    I live in the country and I'm on well water but after this I stopped drinking the well water and bought bottled water right away to try to eliminate the problem if it is that which I somewhat dealt because my neighbors have not experienced anything similar and they're off the same ground wellsource I have not asked them I just would have figured I'd heard something about it if they were experiencing something like that. My possible thoughts of what could be causing this is heavy metals but I have no known as exposure. My next thought was that it could have been a form of food poisoning but it would not explain the symptoms getting gradually worse. I thought it could have been a mineral or vitamin deficiency but I have recently eliminated that possibility.

    Could this be caused by a stroke.
    A form of neural degeneration.
    Or brain cancer which I doubt.
    Exposure to heavy metals.

  25. I appreciate this speech so much!

  26. Even in America it’s hard to find a physiatrist I went months without being able to see anybody

  27. Hey everyone please check out my new mental health website http://www.mentalhelper.com I'd love to connect with people on the subject and offer any help I can (BSc psych and currently doing MSc mental health).

  28. I agree with this video because there really is nothing to be ashamed about taking care of your mental health. If you take care of your physical health, you should also take care of your mental health. Having a metal illness is not a joke and it should be treated immediately. Mental illnesses are a lot more common than you might think and a lot of people are suffering from it. I think it's only right to take care of your mental health since it has a big impact to your life. People are belittling mental health and I really hope that through this video people will be informed and that they won't think that mental health is just a minor thing.

  29. The change starts with conversations within our community. We have to stir the point of change. Embrace, eat it and share it amongst ourselves. Beautiful presentation. He bore no signs of shame. 🙂

  30. thank you for saying what needed to be said.

  31. The comments about his friend after they are diagnosed with schizophrenia are so heartbreaking….so common. But utterly heartbreaking.

  32. This is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  33. Just a reminder that here in the uk some teens / people failing to receive nhs psychological help "When they most need it" usually urgent ) some kids are being let down and parents are at their wits end. Teenagers are especially vulnerable and require professional URGENT help program. Great to talk about this subject still much to be done. Great talk here.

  34. Check out my new channel please ♥️♥️ I would appreciate it so much

  35. watching this after the Omid Djalili video on Nigerianitis.

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