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Thursday – BACK ENDURANCE | ULTIMATE BACK | Guru Mann | Health & Fitness

♦️ULTIMATE BACK is 8 weeks Back muscle building program which will help to increase the thickness and width of back muscle. If back is your weak muscle then this is a perfect program for you.
♦️Combine Ultimate Back program with other muscles or combine it with Guru Mann’s other muscle building programs.
♦️Workout and Nutrition PDF:- http://www.gurumann.com/ULTIMATE_Workout_and_Nutrition_Plan_by_Guru_Mann.pdf

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  1. Sir tell me how I can combine your all ultimate program

  2. Thats not a reverse push ups…atleast know the right name

  3. Thankx sir wo guidance
    Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  4. East or west Gurumann sir is the best love you sir

  5. Plzz manage your website it is very slow to open
    I am frequeent buyer and also a digital marketer
    Jut make it a bit fast too load the page by putting in some html coding to website and it would be good to ho

  6. Reverse grip pull ups 2*12
    1)pul down rope 3* 15-12 all sets
    1)low pull down
    2)t bar rows
    2) pully push down
    3) reverse push ups
    3)hyper extension

  7. Does donating a blood can affect the goal of muscle growth ???????? Plz Answer.

  8. Sir front side se bhi dikha Diya karo

  9. sir, epilepsy ( Mirgi bimari ) hone par Whey Protein le sakta hoon kya. epilepsy medicine bhi le raha hoon.

  10. Sir i am from Pakistan punjab.i have a question. Sir india or pakistan ma jo chicken milta ha wo 35 din ma tayar hota ha or dosra milta bi nahi kya wo khana safe ha

  11. sir depresion walon ke liye bhi koi nutrition and exercise plan banyein..

  12. Sir ye gold's gym kaha pr he California me

  13. Sir please make a video on how to split workout ….!

  14. Workout twice a day is good Or bad sir.

  15. Sir please make video on ASTHAMA patients also.. i am dealing with asthama since childhood and i go to gym 5times a week, there is no problem in lifting heavy weights but when it comes to cardio i cant even sprint for 1 min.. what should I do and what nutrition do you recommend? Are there any foods to avoid?

  16. Alpino whey protein good or bad. Ans me pls.

  17. Haha bhai khya piya kro guru maan ki marez lg rhe ho

  18. Please give a review of Bagel? is it healthy?

  19. Please make video on kegel exercise

  20. Bhai tum koi hritik se kam nahi

  21. Sir kya jayada takat sirf jayada khane se aati hai ya jayada workout se kyunki mere friends kahate hain ki jitna jayada khaoge utna takat badhega

  22. Somehow, I am not able to build faith in this program.

  23. Hritik Roshan transformation per vedio sir

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