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Total Belly Blast Tone Abs Workout – Core Exercises For Weight Loss & Belly Fat

Here are great exercises to help you eliminate and reduce tummy fat.
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Total #BellyBlast Tone #Abs #Workout – Core Exercises For Weight Loss & Belly Fat

Hera are great exercises to help you eliminate and reduce tummy fat.

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  2. The full body sit up made me almost barf. My body made alot of noises trying to execute that one🤷‍♀️ But I did it. siatic no weno! Lol

  3. I’ll do this everyday for a month. I’ll be sure 2 update yall🤘🏿

  4. Im gonna try this but every time i do abs exercise i burt my neck or back
    Why ?

  5. Thank you for your videos and motivational comments I felt as if you were here with me really helps

  6. does this workout all abs muscles? like the obliques, transverse, and rectus?

  7. just did this whole workout thank you for being so great

  8. Is it just me or while watching the video your scrolling through the comments to see it it works?🤣🤣

  9. Request if you could talk less..

  10. I’m laying on a heating pad while doing these exercises. It’s like a big hug when you want to cry.

  11. Am I doing wrong? I feel more burn on my butt and legs and nothing in my abs 😓😓😓

  12. Will do these 5/7 days a week starting 1/1/20. Will keep you guys updated!

  13. hi i haven’t worked out in like 8 months hello wish my luck i look like i’m pregnant

  14. I am going to start today then I will be back after 1 week 😐

  15. it really hard but i feel great after finishing it

  16. I died trying to do the first one 💀

  17. I played this on 2x and it sounds like regular pace. 😳 Thanks for the awesome video!

  18. What if you do it like…

    100 times a day..?

  19. I love the blend of workouts for the Belly. Am definitely going to try them out.

  20. We both enjoyed doing this one, it was hard but it was at a nice pace. Thank you.

  21. Her breathing was really annoying

  22. my leg keeps shaking and dos t bend straight what should I do? Do you have any advice? I also uncontrollably shake when doing the 3rd excercize the hollow one.

  23. I have ABSSSSSSS
    A- A
    B- Big
    S- Stomach

  24. Is it just me or does she have no definition in her abdomen area. Don't get me wrong, looks an intense exercise but u can't really use it to built six packs.
    I found the video useful but the title deceiving.

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