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Weight Loss Yoga Total Body Workout For Beginners to Intermediate, No Music 30 Minute Meltdown

Erica Vetra shows you fitness exercise yoga routine for beginners to burn and meltdown fat.
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Music Version @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Em3dqR1IlRw

#WeightLoss #Yoga Total Body #Workout For Beginners to Intermediate, No Music 30 Minute Meltdown

In this weight loss total body yoga workout, Erica Vetra shows you fitness exercise yoga routine for beginners to burn and meltdown fat. Excellent for beginners and intermediate yogis featuring no music. Helps to burn tummy fat and get flatter stomach.

Erica Vetra teaches classes in Austin, Texas.

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  3. I can’t even see your belly rings. And I certainly would not remove them for anyone but yourself

  4. As specialist, I believe Fenoboci Diet Plan can be good way to lost tons of weight. Why not give it a shot? perhaps it will work for you too.

  5. I don't understand why people born to communicate with others aren't that successful and some others worth nothing are very popular, rich and "successful!!! You are born for this work girl. You are so nice and so professional and your voice girl is a real detoxification element. Where are youuuu Erica???? We need YOU.

  6. sorry, but everything about you is distracting…your bellybutton ring has nothing on the rest of ya

  7. im used to vinyasa yoga, so i thought ok i can do this. BUT woah i am not used to holding poses for long periods of time this was actually a bit of a challenge not so bad!! I would recommend this especially for beginners (ps you will break a little sweat)

  8. How is that for beginners? It requires a lot of strength and flexibility to accomplish these poses. It he title is misleading, impertinent and discouraging. The exercises might be good, but they are not for beginners. People are to heavy to even hold a plank. They are too inflexible to to a dog, cobra or whatever. So if you really ant to help people than really start at the beginning. This is not for beginners. Hop?

  9. Belly ring is not distracting. Disappointing to see that comment and lack of focus.
    I was referred to this video by my OBGYN. Doing a great job! I truly enjoy your videos. Great instruction. Not too much talking. Different camera angles are very helpful.

  10. you can do WHATEVER you want with YOUR belly! 🙂 Thanks for your video! xo

  11. The side plank was so hard. Brutal on my wrists. Any tips on reducing pressure on the wrists in that pose? I tried the modified version but that feels like cheating. Perhaps my wrists just need to develop strength?
    Also, as a beginner I Love the way Erika teaches the workout. Slow, steady, bright, and calm. I appreciate that. thank you.

  12. If I had a yoga teacher wearing the same outfit as her I wouldn’t even be able to stand up during class lol, good video too

  13. I love your Yoga lessons it's my only time to learn to relax and connect  my mind and body but you are  ruining it when you start asking us if we like your personal choices: bellybutton ring, hair style, trips, etc. In this world  you will never be able  to satisfied everybody, wear whatever makes you happy, be yourself at all times,  You are a great Yoga instructor. Namaste

  14. Okay, so I have to add in that I am sore as heck now from just half of this work out… I thought I was in shape, but wow. My abs and legs are really feeling it now lol.

  15. Thank you for the video. I couldn't finish it. I guess I'm either too lazy or too out of shape but I like the video with no music and the clear instructions very helpful. I'll watch more later. nice job.

  16. That was a very interesting article, here are a few more tips on how to get fit with yoga…
    Take a deep breath out: Often we equate yoga with some limb-twisting poses. And aren't you sometimes concerned that: "I can't even touch my toes, how can I do yoga?" Yoga is not about touching your toes, or stretching 98 degrees to your north-east. It’s a simple process of uniting with yourself – using your breath, body and the mind. And it’s easy and effortless.
    Take the Experts Help to Learn Yoga: If you have a medical condition, inform your yoga instructor prior to the commencement of the training. It will help the teacher customize your yoga posture practice.
    Simple wearing, high thinking: Wear comfortable clothing while going for the yoga class or when practicing yoga at home. Also, avoid wearing belts or excessive jewellery as it could get in the way of yoga practice.
    A lighter stomach aids to your yoga practice: it's a good idea to practice on an empty stomach or at least 2-3 hours after your last meal. Also it's advised to at least have 3 to 4 litres of water during the day as it will help you to flush out the toxins out of the body which are released during your yoga practice.
    Set the tone right before you start: Sukshma Vyayam or gentle warm-up exercises help loosen up the body and prepare it for the yoga postures coming ahead.
    (I learned these and the reasons they work on Betwans yoga blog website )

  17. Im a male that is here not for vulgarity,But for an actual workout unlike some of these perverts.

  18. Erica, I love your belly ring, cus I have one too, and I have only taken it or for childbirth and x-rays over the past fifteen years I've had it!!! Also, you are like my FAVORITE yoga teacher I've found, NOT ONLY on Psyche Truth, but on YouTube PERIOD!!!!

  19. I like your belly button rings. I've always wanted one. Either the timing was off or now that my belly isn't where it needs to be. You got it, flaunt it. I like the yoga workout. I'll have to check out your other videos. Thanks!

  20. I wouldn't say it's distracting because your wearing it or in other videos it was just a bit distracting in this particular video because it's distracting to the yoga were we should be focusing more on the poses than talking about the belly button ring and how much u have that is just my opinion and I think in other videos on yoga it wouldn't be as distracting

  21. Thank you for this video! I've been wanting to try Yoga for a while. I ordinarily do weight lifting as my primary form of fitness. I've been feeling inspired to shift gears into something new. In your opinion, can Yoga be used to slim down and sculpt the body? Thank you!!!

  22. I like the no music option on the videos because I like to play my own music. I have odd tastes when it comes to soothing music.

  23. This is an awesome great workout. It's helping my lower back. Can't see your belly button ring. I'm too busy working on proper technique like you describe. Rock on Girl!

  24. Erica, you're my favorite !!!! i started when i was 80 kilos! now im down to 59 !!!! 😀 Ever since i saw your videos i started eating healthy too!!! 😀 XXXXXXX

  25. nice belly button erice feel like licking it hehee

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