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Where Maxwell rekindled his love for cricket | Direct Hit

In an exclusive interview for Direct Hit, Glenn Maxwell explains how his club team Fitzroy-Doncaster helped reignite his passion for the game after taking some time off for mental health reasons.

Read the full feature story HERE: https://cricketa.us/2y7PC46


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  1. May your new engagement ceremony bring happiness
    Love from India bro….🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  2. Yes Maxwell did had a poor world cup but now he is ready to explode and become finisher for australia I hope Maxwell wins t 20 world cup

  3. Ilove Maxwell I'm from Pakistan but love u Australia country love Australia cricket team

  4. He us fixer not player . He deserve only punishment

  5. Love u maxi from India 😘

  6. He is one of the best batsman , bowler and fielder 🤩

  7. Missing you Maxi. Please return to the squad.

  8. I miss u says simply
    But types ….. hardly

  9. One of the best batters is here worried about himself not being good
    While the rest of the world knows that he is the one of the best of our time

  10. Good Batsman. Good Bowler. Good Fielder. Most importantly, good person.
    Go on Maxie!

  11. With my view it is most dangeours batsman in the world he is awesome i love him from punjab

  12. One of the best hitters in the world in white ball cricket

  13. Welcome BACK glenn MAXWELL

  14. Hey maxi why didn’t you play in the odi

  15. Never play for records . Ruthless batsman ever in the History of the T-20 Cricket . Sachin Tendulkar play for records . If Sachin Tendulkar play like Maxwell then He never made records . Maxwell is ruthless batsmen ever in the History of ODI Cricket .

  16. I only watching cricket for Maxwell

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