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"You're Costing Me My Weight Loss Surgery And Ruining EVERYTHING!" | My 600lb Life

After slowing down in her weight loss, Maja visits Dr Now with boyfriend Christian, and blames Christian for her failing weight loss.

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  1. What's wrong? No more twinkies and jelly donuts????

  2. the relationship is very over . how can you say to somebody you live that they are ruining your life ? poor guy

  3. Leave her, Christian. She needs to face that she is eating. She is closing to stay overweight. Unless you hold her down and force her to eat I think she is using you so that she can fail and blame you. Leave her.

  4. RUN dude~ RUN!!!!!
    I first thought the guy was a jerk….but really I can't believe he has put up with that sh*t for so long!

  5. I don't know why everyone is surprised by this stupid broad. She's just as demented and self-centered as the rest of the fat slobs on this show. Dr. Now is a champ. No matter what you throw at him, he has a comeback. He put both of these two dipshits in their place

  6. I thought this was Amberlynn and Destiny

  7. Christian is clearly “Over” the relationship, he’s checked out. She needs to focus on herself and get back on track for her health and future Happiness. My FAVORITE quote is ….. “ Never put the key to your Happiness in someone else’s pocket.” ❤️🌷👍🏼

  8. im sure no one twisted her arm to overeat..but thats the way it usually goes when things dont go the way you want them then lets blame everybody else for our failures.

  9. It's a crap situation all around. I get that she's frustrated and being separated from your main coping mechanism is hard; on the other hand, she seems to be hard to live with, rather mercurial, and to control through guilt tripping. He looks like he's tried, but that he's so done, like he's tried and tried and it's just not enough and he doesn't have any more to give.

  10. It amazes me how nobody seems to care about him, she’s literally abusive and everyone says oh help her serve her. He needs to leave her and be done with it

  11. Wow, she's living in a fantasy world blaming someone else for her weight loss goals? Gimme a break! It's all you baby just like the weight gain. Take control of your own life. Calling your mommy so she can yell at him? OMG!!

  12. I felt sorry for her!
    The boyfriend is completely selfish!!!

    Dr. Now, doesn't take no shit whatsoever.

  13. She needs to grow up….he's an ass & she's a freaking crybaby.

  14. She needs to grow the hell up. Just a whiny, spoiled brat.

  15. What an asshole, help your fat woman.

  16. she is immature and a cry baby who has to take the responsibility of her life and actions. and he is a total jerk who tried to manipulate her and a control freak. this relationship is toxic, move on girl , grow up and get rid of him

  17. What a beast, i dont blame him for turning off

  18. Run,Christian,run,or at least walk fast

  19. He obviously has no interest in supporting her

  20. She is very abusive to Christian. I am not happy that he just sits there says nothing, but she is totally in the wrong. Her fat is her fat… she needs to be accountable and stop blaming the world. Big spoiled brat… I felt sorry for him. I am sure there is alot more we did not see on how she treated him.

  21. he seems so disinterested in their relationship he obviously wants out

  22. I can take a day off 🤔 this man has no feelings for her is she blind although they say love us blind ……maybe he has been through alot and because of that his feelings have been cut really short ….

  23. This is your fault!!!!! Ur forcing the food in my mouth!!!! He didn't ruin it, she did, take so god damn accountability for once in ur life

  24. I feel like this procedure just encourages unhealthy eating & obesity. “Oh I can just get surgery to lose weight”. Honestly, she seems like she has emotional irregularities. Maybe something happened to her, doesn’t know how to cope normal. That’s why she over eats & treats everyone like shit.

  25. She need somebody to blame. She doesn’t wanna take responsibility for her own action. I’m sure he shoved the extra food down her throat as well!

  26. Home girl so fat she didn’t say “do not hang up on my mom” she said “doughnut hang up on my mom” 6:36

  27. I can’t believe you’re doing this to me cHRiStAIn

  28. Now thats funny, she can't take the blame for anything! She is a spoiled BRAT! Not once did he hold that spoon to her mouth, she was fat when she met him, but it's all his fault. Darling, he's not that into you. GET OVER IT, everyone else does!

  29. She literally sounds like a five year old whining bc their mom won’t let them get a toy at target… grow up 🙄

  30. How is it Christian's fault? No lady it's yours.

  31. Poor Christen. It’s not his responsibility to be there for her. If he’s not happy, he’s not happy

  32. It's a horrible feeling when you don't have a supportive partner when it comes to doing something beneficial for your life but then you have to start making decisions No one's worth making you feel miserable and unhappy As time goes on you'll realize that was the best thing you could have done for yourself

  33. wtf is wrong with him does he not know how to speak or communicate in anyway

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