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‪Game of Thrones ‘Melisandre’ Carice Van Houten‬ Interview

‪Game of Thrones 'Melisandre' Carice Van Houten‬ Interview

Game of Thrones actress ‪Carice Van Houten‬ who plays Melisandre talks to us about Season 3 and her infamous Smoke Baby birth scene. Subscribe! http://bit.ly/10cQZ5j

Starring ‪Carice Van Houten‬
Starring Andy Swift


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  1. Like als je ook Dutchy bent 😉

  2. Carice when she doesn't have lines to read : "there will be some, err, nasty stuff" 😀 Just kidding, love that actress.

  3. Holland's happy to have you toooooo!

  4. She played a witch in Black Death and killed Sean Bean which must put her in a club "Bean Killers"

  5. Her dutch accent, ik hou dr van! 😍

  6. wat a nice woman,, with a little dash of humour as well

  7. Oh gosh…Carice is so adorable.

  8. My best guess would be Melisandre, in the next season, resurrects Jon Snow to be an evil version of him. By the way, love how perfect she is in the GoT.

  9. Grappig dat ze ook gewoon poes minoes heeft gespeeld

  10. she is such a beauty and she plays that character quite well

  11. why is her cheek green ._.

  12. i saw her boobies ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

  13. funny (scary?) how dutch people are blaming her accent. i'm italian and i sure can hear she's got a different accent from GOT, like she's not even trying or she doesn't care, but still this is a fairly good one compared to other european accents, which tend to be much thicker than hers. i mean, if she was italian, she would be considered an excellent english speaker with a very nice pronounciation. but i guess everybody in Netherlands grew up learning english so you all guys can speak better than her, and you can definitely spot a bad Dutch accent, which is impressive to me 🙂

  14. I love how mysterious her character is. You can't tell if she is young or old, just kind of timeless. 

  15. She is so hot on the show. 

  16. She is 38 fucking years old and still a Freaking Godess. Damn!

  17. Hottest woman in the whole series!

  18. How many takes do they have to do before she prenounces stuff right hahaha

  19. YAY! She uses her normal accent when she acts! Familiarity!

  20. Ahh that is very interesting! I didn't know English is actually originally also from the same Germanic language family. But since it was heavily influenced by French, that's why today is sounds the way it sounds. So in the end, still, the English sounding is a mix between French and Germanic.

    I've always considered Frisian as 'that' dialect of Dutch that wants to declare itself a separate language. And it's closest to English than any other Germanic language. Thank you for this information.

  21. To older generations English wasn't that important, hence they didn't get it at school (I think German and French were the foreign languages they learnt).
    But everyone who has been educated in the 80's 'til now got at least some English in school. Dutch and English are required languages in the curriculum of secondary education, other languages are optional (German and French being the most common ones.)

  22. Actually, English and Dutch are of the same language family (West-Germanic, together with German, Frisian, Yiddish, Low-German and Afrikaans), but English has been the most diluted due to that invasion and subsequent occupation by French vikings.

    Frisian and English are especially close, for example: in German and Dutch the ch/tsj-sound transitioned into a k, but it didn't happen in English and Frisian. Hence church in English, tsjerk in Frisian, Kirche in German and kerk in Dutch.

  23. this woman can get any guy she wants damn it…like for real. Any guy.

  24. Good GOD SHES GORGEOUS!!! Game of thrones does her no justice! She's a goddess IRL!

  25. You know who Melisandre reminds me of?

    …Grigori Rasptutin. A strange, mysterious religious figure who is alleged to have mystic powers at his/her disposal and high influence with a Tsar/King. Plus, they both get around quite a bit, if you catch my drift! 🙂

  26. I can't tell you how grateful I am for that:). I've traveled a lot, and the Netherlands is the only non-english speaking country I've been to where I could watch things other than news on TV. You guys are great.

  27. true, the reason for this is that we don't use audio dub on english/american spoken movies or series. Instead we put the dutch subtitles under it, so we hear the english and see the translation. That way we create a subconscious understanding of hearing english words and the translation. Most other european countries have Audio dub so they simple don't hear any english.

  28. It is remarkable indeed. I think it's also got to do with the languages being not entirely different from each other. They are not from the same language family, like Dutch and – for example – German, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish are… but English is a mixed language originating from different language families. And many modern languages nowadays are heavily influenced by English as well. Dutch is one of them. It's another theory.

  29. During my time in the Netherlands, I had to deal with a landlord who didn't speak a slick of English. Every time I met with him, his son would be present to translate what I said to his father. He understood me well enough that I didn't have to talk slowly or repeat myself much but he could hardly form a complete sentence in English. A lot of ppl in NL at least understand english when spoken to, that's already remarkable compared to the rest of Europe.

  30. Icy? Melisandre? Do they know nothing?

  31. She makes Holland seem so much cooler 😉

  32. Yeah i'm from the netherlands, she's a great actress

  33. im dutch and i hate carice van houten she fucking ruins game of thrones dutch people make for bad actors i only know 1 dutch actress who is a decent actor

  34. That accent.<3 And she's super mellow.

  35. Well, she's actually younger than the woman who plays Cersei.

  36. she's pretty hot, but kind of too old

  37. Mine is good because I moved to the Netherlands and also attended an International high school. 🙂
    I can't really pinpoint the difference in our countries and why young people seem to be less willing to speak English here in Bulgaria (still think it has to do with the fact that tourism only started to blossom in the last decade or so).
    But then again, I've met enough young Dutch people who hardly speak any English either. So we're even. 😛

  38. Carice makes the Netherlands 200% cooler

  39. hahaha a little wierd to hear that from the native american assassin xD
    HOLLAND!!!! =D

  40. "icey character" he says…. servant of the god of fire lol…. good interviewers

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