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๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡ช ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ท Initial US investigation blames Iran for UAE ship attacks | Al Jazeera English

An unnamed US official has said initial assessments suggest Iran was involved in the explosions on four ships off the United Arab Emirates (UAE) coast early on Sunday.
Officials from the UAE confirmed that the commercial cargo ships were subjected to acts of sabotage near the port of Fujairah.
The incident happened 140 kilometres south of the Strait of Hormuz. About a third of all oil traded by sea passes through the route.
Al Jazeera’s Rosiland Jordan has more from Washington, DC.

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  1. I love uae we were with uae from pakistan

  2. Id be looking at French terrorist divers ( Rainbow Warrior) On behalf of Mossad

  3. Before this never have ever heard Iran attack any oil tanker ๐Ÿค” yet tension arises, attack happened? This attack only benefited US and not Iran. When US want war, it will create any false flag operation with the expense of innocent people

  4. Unnamed US official is a ghost, he never exists and will be air in biosphere. He is in short nobody

  5. No one trusts al jazeera.

  6. I can't a black woman whose evil ancestors endured of false flags is pushing the narratives so well. No one in their right mind believes the Iranian government have any interest in this type petty crime. Mossad and the Saudis did this. It's clear to the rest of the world. Only the zombies or dummies have doubts. The Christian Xionists, Zionist Jews, and the Al-Saud family will cause the annihilation of an entire nation. May Allah bringing down the all-saud family- sincerely s follower of Ahlul Sunnah waljama.

  7. America and Israel 100% lie .

  8. Totally rubbish. Another false flag statement coming from Yanks.

  9. The Iranians did it? Now there's a false flag we didn't see coming…. Al Jazeera HATED having to pronounce guilt upon Iran!!!!

  10. A ship no longer sea worthy, still travels by sea, to be ported? False flag

  11. Yes blame it on Iran.

  12. The USAโ€™s hypocrisy and corruption is only outweighed by its incompetence.

    In the US's side you have Saudi Arabia the murderer of tens of thousands of women and Children in Yemen, the perpetrator of a man made starvation campaign against millions of people in Yemen. A country whose leader has journalists kidnapped, tortured, murdered, their bodies hacked to pieces and dissolved in acid.ย 

    Then you got a racist Apartheid state of Israel that violates the civil rights of millions of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza and builds settlements in the West bank.

  13. That has Netanyahu's name all over

  14. Wasnt Al Jazeera proven to be linked to terrorist in the middle east?

  15. UAE and Saudi Arabia think if there is a war it will be good for them. When will us the Arabs be sensible at least to use common sense?

    The Robbers states of America is fooling you. We donโ€™t want wars near UAE especially. It will create a mess with our region and make our lives miserable.

  16. Wow ESAU it seems like the world is hip to your bullshit. Wait till they find out youโ€™re not the real chosen children of the most high in that it indeed was the ancestors of the slave trade.The real black Hebrews. We will be back in our land soon and the most high will use Iran to destroy you

  17. CIA: we've investigated ourselves and found that our operatives were actually Iranian

  18. Somebody better chill out before they get folded whatever country it is ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  19. any evidence we have drone we satelite I think is not so hard show evidence

  20. How Shameless America is!

  21. Where heaven is it seems like some one is sleeping on the job?????

  22. When will those Jewish Zionist pay their time is over due these fake Jewish blood suckers

  23. Here we go again. Canโ€™t they come up with a different trick

  24. Iโ€™m the God of all Oil Mansa Musa Black Iran did it and Black Egypt will Do the next part of my New World Original Arab Rule

  25. 1/3 of all oil in the world

  26. Ohh what a surprise that America says so. Liars, war mongers and killers of millions of innocent civilians

  27. USA attacks and blames IRAN. Everyone knows it was not Iran. let the US take their shenanigans back to their shores. They have enough oil and they can't justify boosting their fracked oil prices by attacking a sovereign nation. Anyone believing the USA today is a big fool. furthermore the Irani government has labelled the US government as a Terrorist organization and all global powers should desist from dealing with any terrorists including the USA, a known state sponsor of terror until they get a legitimate government! May God help Iran.

  28. ====WARNING ===
    DONE by ISRAEL false flag
    ""TO TEST the reaction of the public "" The next one will be real, hope not but there bold enough to attempt on U.S Navy and MAKE the world point at IRAN

  29. Stinks zionist mossad from a far

  30. Trumptard and Satanyahu are the brains behind this. There isnno bad blood between UAE and Iran

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