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🇦🇫 'Afghan Star' contestant's voice, story in spotlight | Al Jazeera English

Afghan Star is a televised singing competition that is considered the equivalent of American Idol.
One of the finalists in season 14 is teenager Zahra Elham.
Both her voice and her story has gained attention.

She comes from the Taliban stronghold of Ghazni province.

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  1. Schon🇦🇫🇦🇫🇨🇭🇨🇭

  2. Best luck Jahra, much love from INDIA

  3. She looks so good !!! … Is she Mongolian Afghan ?

  4. Beghairat kuni Farsiban 👎 👎👎 👎👎 👎

  5. So happy she won the show!!! First female to win it after 14 years

  6. Zahra Elham super star and Afghanistan ✌👑🤩👍

  7. Keep Afghanistan and its People Alive✌❤👭❤👫❤👬🇦🇫
    پاینده باد افغانستان و مردمانش🇦🇫✌
    از هر قومی که هستند❤
    از هر زبانی که هستند❤
    از هر دینی که هستند❤

  8. Afghan means Pashtuns
    Pashtuns are Taliban

  9. Қурбоққа🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷

  10. Even if Taliban come they won’t be able to stop things like this. She won the contest and even though she wasn’t my first pick it’s nice to see a girl win for the first time. Majority of afghans want democracy and live free from bombs and bullets. Democracy wasn’t given to us by America they fought and millions died for that right it wasn’t given to us. Afghanistan has a bright future don’t trust the media.

  11. Zahra Elham winner 💪❤🇦🇫

  12. Me as an Afghan woman I proud to zahra as we know women in Afghanistan face a lot of problems and racism she wants to bring Afghan women voice to world i really proud to her and encourage her

  13. hope for a secular and federal republic of Afghanistan. no religion

  14. مرد ها آرایش میکند چی جالب تو افغانستان 🤔🙄

  15. Fantastic. I wish her the best of luck.

  16. It’s so nice to finally see an Afghan woman wear there traditional clothes

  17. Alaudin loves گو خوردی بچه خر هزاره ها پیش از پشتون ها در افغانستان زند گی می کردن

  18. she is hazara these hazaras living in kabul ghazni acting as afghans but they are the worst enemys of afghanistan their warlords are supported by iran and usa and must die like abdul ali mazari i will never support these iranian slaves

  19. May God save her life…

  20. She look hot..hope she’s not gonna be assassinated by afghans

  21. It's so refreshing to see Afghanistan progressing forward and becoming somewhat liberal. But still future is uncertain for afghans.

  22. All that make up why😲

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