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🇧🇦 Serb nationalist wins seat in Bosnia’s presidency, says party | Al Jazeera English

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnian Serb nationalist Milorad Dodik has won a seat in the presidency.
The office must contain one Bosniak, one Croat and one Serb, as part of an arrangement made in the Dayton Peace Accords.
Dodik has said that he wants a referendum on independence for the Republika Srpska, the ethnically Serbian part of Bosnia, to split away from their Bosniak and Croat neighbours.

Al Jazeera’s David Chater reports from Sarajevo.

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  2. Како може бити "Србијански" националиста када није из Србије већ је из Републике Српске, наиме појам Србијанац је географска одредница за све становнике Србије ! Ако сте већ хтели нешто да кажете могли сте: Српски националиста, а не Србијански !!! Срби муслимани из Ал Џазире се стварно требају едуковати мало…


  4. Mozete vi dodiku sa zapada samo ku**c da dudlate zivela Srbija i Rusija

  5. 1:58 Ha Ha Ha drunk singer president

  6. Ne volim dodika,al volim sto je ušao u predsjedništvo samo zbog muslimana,jer znam koliko njih to boli😂 Oni dodika ne mogu očima gledati jer se ne stidi da kaze da je Srbin iz Republike Srpske😍

  7. Samo dalje od srba .nemoj te ih dirati i nece oni vas .ako ih dirate samo moze bito gore po vas.lep pozdrav.

  8. They criticize Serbs for nationalism and war but do not criticize Bosniak nationalist party that also won in their entity , same that started separatism of Bosnia and Herzegovina from Yugoslavia

  9. Gospodo Aldzezerijanci neznam iz koje Galaksije ne kaze se Srbijanski nego SRPSKi nacionalista Srbijanski Kazu pokatoliceni Srbi Hrvacani

  10. Ce vrai,nationaliste serbe Dodik,mais vous avais oublie victoire de nationaliste Bosniac,M.Dzaferovic..

  11. Mamu vam jebem lazivu… Može te Dodiku samo kurac da popusite.

  12. Problem of Srbian people becouse they think Dodik is victory.Doduk will destroy RS if he try cut BiH forever.

  13. Dodik is juist fasist and Radicale Terorist.the serb are losers.nobady like dis schit people….

  14. Milorad is a better man then other two presidents ! Go Mile !

  15. Dodik is like Pablo Escobar!

  16. Aljazeera – fake islam teroristt news

  17. You forget to say that bosniak nationalist Sefik Dzaferovic from muslim party SDA won seat in presidancy also

  18. Yugoslavia should never have dissolved. Now it is a bunch of weak and corrupt nations rather than a respectable regional power.

  19. England for English, France for French and Bosnia for Bosnians. Whoever wants to leave a country he doesn't recognize then he should be free to do so, pack and leave.

  20. Ratko mladic i radovan karadzic is serbian heroes🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸

  21. Wow, break up Bosnia. That would be like breaking up Yugoslavia. Oh, wait they already did that for ethnicity.

  22. Victory for the Serbian people !!! Long live Republika Srpska and Dodik

  23. No he will never manage it …Bosnia and Herzegovina will never be divided
    Dodic is uneducated idiot and he doesn't understand any politick and especialy meaning of World politic …

  24. Bosnia wanted to separate and they did with international help . Kosovo wanted to separate and they did again with international help . I hope international community will not be hypocrite and help the Serbian minority and Bosnia and the Serbian minority in Kosovo to separate and make their own state or join Serbia

  25. Decent people around the world must never vote for nationalist or right-wing candidates, because these right-wing and nationalist candidates do nothing but erode the morals and decency of the people. The right-wing and nationalist candidates are always racist, bloodthirsty, xenophobic, and hate the poor, they do nothing to add to the harmony and decency of humanity. Nationalist and right-wing candidates are always scum and filth, and should be despised and never elected to any political office anywhere they are in the world.

  26. What’s up with this region and their obsession to separate constantly?

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