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🇧🇩 Analysis: What incited protests in Bangladesh? | Al Jazeera English

Violent clashes continued in Bangladesh as authorities fired tear gas and shut down mobile internet connections after a week of student protests that brought tens of thousands to the streets.

By 1pm (07:00 GMT) on Sunday, thousands of students from various schools and colleges started controlling traffic in the capital, Dhaka, for the eighth consecutive day. Bangladeshi police fired tear gas at students occupying an intersection in central Dhaka.

Shahidul Alam, a photographer and social activist, talks to Al Jazeera about the protest movement.

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  1. wow our country news…

  2. He is in now jail for this video & Aljazeera didn't do any thing for him.

  3. Bangladesh is a third class country

  4. # Can not say I can not find the language, it is an independent country or not
    If he is raped for the crime of polling only in the rice field, then where is the Prime Minister today,
    Where is the basic where I want to know, the Prime Minister said that if you talk about independence, then where did the freedom go, the people of the country's orchards, the illegitimate children, and thus take care of their motherly affection from mothers,

    Jago is a Bengali nation, you wake up one hukarab will be destroyed, all the tortures, you wake up another time

    I want to get rid of this kulangar, fasi and these children
    The highest, for the sake of cooperation is the request of the people of the law of the people

  5. Bangladeshi police is a 3rd class

  6. Bangladesh prime minister is to be blame for this # evil

  7. Thanks to Al Jazeera TV making New to Bangladesh

  8. 이게 무슨일이야 지금 2018년 맞냐????

  9. organize and fight back, wage economic boycotts and oust that evil regime by every and any means necessary

  10. This gentleman was kidnapped by Police League after the interviewing with Al Jazeera . Most probably Awami-Police League will send him to India like other opposition leaders.

  11. I met Mr. Shahidul Alam! We currently live in Malaysia…and Mr. Shahidul Alam visited Malaysia so as to our relative’s house….Me and my family was only invited to our relative’s house at the same time privately and we did not know Mr.Alam was also there too!….as we went in! We got him as a surprise! Mr. Shahidul Alam is a wonderful person, we had dinner together and we had a lot of conversations!, fun time talking etc. etc. also we had a long drive together in our relative’s SUV through out places with him….He also handed over a magazine to us which he created and published, it was charismatic and magnificent!…..It was a truly amazing and wonderful time with him! Never forgettable! I respect him a lot! And I love Mr.Shahidul Alam very much! I see him as one of my family member!
    Please pray for Mr. Shahidul Alam! We need special individuals like him in our world so as in our Bangladesh!

  12. Look he start his speak about unelected government. Is it is main issue?
    Sparkle rumours make sense in different ways.

  13. I suspect that this is actually government way to overcome overpopulation in Bangladesh. Hmmm..,

  14. Is Bangladesh turning into communist countries with savage dictators.I hope this doesn't happens.

  15. Aljazeera always publish biased news as they are connected with jamat party and gets money from them

  16. Even he got arrested just because he spoke the truth.

  17. Mustaq is everywhere !! We have to prove first we are civilized Allah fearing citizens of Bangladesh. Running a government is not a joke, not just like instant coffee. . . . . It is even harder to get the culprits playing, provoking behind the scenes. There is always been a conspiracy of assassinating the top of the government, that issue remains there, really it greatly tuff to handle the culprits politicians and globalists who are pulling strings from dark. So the government is in red alert.

  18. The person in interview (Shahidul Alam) has been taken by undercover police because of this interview with Al Jazeera.

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