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🇧🇩 Bangladesh: Bringing sanitation to largest Rohingya refugee camp | Al Jazeera English

The largest sewage treatment facility ever constructed at a refugee settlement is providing a safer and cleaner environment for displaced Rohingya.
Close to a million of them fled violence in Myanmar in 2017 and are now living in camps in Bangladesh.
And a lack of sanitation has been a major concern.

Al Jazeera’s Sara Khairat reports.

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  1. Bangladesh what an country poor it self but still helping citizen, your government is still corrupt but your people are loyal !!

  2. Yaa ALLAH save our brothers and sisters around the world

  3. Send the Bengali "Royhinga" back to Bangladesh. Problem solved.

  4. India should learn from its neighbors. Instead of deporting millions of Bengalis. Bangladesh opened its doors for Rohingyas and Pakistan opended it doors to Afghan refugees 🇵🇰🇧🇩🇵🇰🇧🇩🇵🇰

  5. انسانیت کے ٹھیکیدار مجھے تو بیمار کہتے ہیں لیکن کیا یہاں پے انسانیت کی توہین نہیں ہو رہی
    فرق صرف اتنا ہے کہ یہ انسان بدلے کے طور پر کچھ نہیں دے سکتے۔
    اور ہمیں انسانیت وہاں یاد آتی ہے جہاں بدلہ ملنے کی امید ہو

  6. Love and respect to our brothers in Bangladesh,, from Pakistan
    because we are Pakistani and we love Pakistan

  7. This reminded me of that UN and Bangladesh have worked hard to help the refugees despite multitudes of difficulties.

  8. Please take your bangali hindu/muslim people from northeast,india as well.
    They flew here during pak-bangladesh war.

  9. Send Rohingyas back to their home .

  10. Thank you Bangladesh. My God bless you for your efforts

  11. Thanks Bangladesh, from England

  12. People's of Rohinga's behave very bad, plz make report about there lifestyle and how problem faced Bangladeshi people.

  13. Thanks Bangladesh 🇧🇩 for supporting refugees

  14. Small country good management

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