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🇧🇹Bhutan may compromise its forests to pay national debt l Al Jazeera English

Bhutan has been described by conservationists as the greenest country on the planet. Three quarters of Bhutan is covered by thick forests, home to rare wildlife. But as the country continues to develop, it’s struggling to find new ways to balance economic growth with the protection of the environment.
Al Jazeera’s Neave Barker reports.

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  1. we should all donate to pay bhutan's debt. we owe them the oxygen.

  2. I think the world should be more like Bhutan, I wish they didn’t have to compromise their forest, it really is a dreamy little mountain kingdom.

  3. Bhutan is India closest friend

  4. Bhutan needs to build a wall to protect itself

  5. Wild animals are afraid of noises as they becomes suspicious and nervous,recorded sounds of explosions,firecrackers,lion roars,hung bamboo chimes,wind chimes,pots and pans etc,reflecting hung CDs,shining objects etc,spreading tiger poops around the perimeter of your field deters wild pigs,wolf and foxes.Growing bamboo creates exports potential,fruits trees and honey may be possible too.

  6. It's Thomas Jefferson's agrarian republic

  7. too much Indian influence will not Destroy the environment but also culturally traditionally and socially which is an evidence on the 8 Indian northeastern states. These states can be another Bhutan if not merged with India in 1950 thinking that India will give them a better life.

  8. If bhutan sells hydro power to Bangladesh both country will be profited Because bd's needs more electricity to keep up ongoing Development.

  9. Mankind was NOT made to eat money. We are designed to eat what grows out of the ground

  10. Never borrow money from IMF and World Bank. They will make you their slaves.

  11. I think we all should learn from Bhutan, cheers from Mexico.

  12. They showed a good example to everyone ! Please find different ways to pay debt

  13. Haiti paid with their forest and never recover

  14. Back to Bhutan! Make America And Israel Great Again 2018!

  15. Capitalism on it's best again,
    Keep claim and watch the decline…

  16. Once all trees are gone and all that paper money is stuffed In your banks. When the food runs out, and you have destroyed the planet a piece at time. Recall these moments

  17. India should help Bhutan to settle it's debt and must provide financial assistance to this friendly state….. Jai hind

  18. Really they are very humble and friendly neighbor of India… Lots of love from India.

  19. Bhutan also does not use a lot of pesticides so the country has clean water and clean air. I think they should get a break on the money they owe.

  20. Sigh, please do not follow all the destructive policies of West, Bhutan. They should modernize to improve quality of life. To support this country in doing this would be commendable for other counties.

  21. Google maps doesnt lie. Compare Nepal and Bhutan. It's so much greener.

  22. I hope they stay like this to remind the rest of the world what is nature

  23. Proud to have neighbor like Bhutan

  24. Butiya vai 😍😍 love from Dhaka

  25. India needs to step up to help Bhutan pay the debt . We can't let forest be destroyed wherever it may be.

  26. Beautiful nature. ..Big love from Uganda towards Bhutan

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