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🇨🇮 Ivory Coast’s ‘devil’s milk’ at centre of US-China trade war | Al Jazeera English

Rubber tree growers in Ivory Coast are emerging as the latest casualty of the trade war between the United States and China.

It is Africa’s leading exporter of the valuable commodity, which was historically called “devil’s milk” because of the brutal conflicts it fuelled.

Al Jazeera’s Nicolas Haque reports from Ivory Coast’s Grand Lahou Forest.

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  1. Africa…YOU HAVE THE CHEESE!!!! Be smart!!!!!
    And lies. The trees were there already. Why didn't they go crazy by looting the rubber in S. America like Leopold? 😐

  2. Tariffs and the sanction why the stock market is down more gmo god please judge 🇺🇸

  3. Africa has the most resources times 1000x than any other country

  4. GO TO INDIA.. there is no one to BUY Indian RUBBER… 🙂

  5. റബ്ബർ, അയ്‌നാണ്.. 🙄

  6. I get the rubber trees but what’s with the “devils milk” ?

  7. Watch out Ivory Coast the U.S might sponsor regime change or ((((humanitarian aid))) and kill you off to get that commodity. China might debt your country in development and finance loans too. Hopefully you will prosper without the foreign colonials interests.

  8. Ivory coast needs to start large scale manufucturing


  10. Africa is mum of the world

  11. Africa have all the resources the world need. Africa don't need the world, they only need to believe in itself .

  12. Africa is the but of all jokes

  13. I hope Ivory Coast does well and that, whatever else may comes from a USA/China trade "war", Ivory Coast will prosper and grow more and more pleasant for its people.

  14. Fighting for what they don't even own

  15. Just stop production for a month then the prices will hike.

  16. How about manufacture rubber locally and export to US instead of selling to China first..

  17. Does angel's milk exist too?😌

  18. NONONONONO! rubber is a poisonous tree,the land that grows rubber can NOT grow anything else with it.and it very toxic for the workers who collect it

  19. Trump did not impose $200 billion in tariffs! He imposed an initial 10% tariff on an extra $200 billion of imports from China after imposing tariffs on $50 billion of imports.

  20. Ivory coast is beautyful country abd forest don,t forget the biggest cacoa in the world is ivory coast big respect

  21. Anybody recognize the chart in the background? 1:23

  22. Vietnam war was fought over rubber, as the French were abandoning their plantations there.

  23. Africa is the future continent

  24. Unfortunately if the US wants it bad enough it’ll just take it- beware the “humanitarian aid”

  25. After WW2 hundreds of thousands of conscripted men were kept
    in the army to protect rubber plantations owned by Britain's aristocrats.
    The aristocrats sat in their mansions and reaped the financial rewards.
    That was the Conservative (Tory) party looking after its own.

  26. Totally rubbish, you means colonizers plant the entire Forest? Get the f**k outta here…!

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