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🇨🇳🇺🇸China denounces ‘ridiculous’ US claims of election meddling l Al Jazeera English

The Trump administration is accusing China of trying to undermine American democracy by meddling in the US elections.
China’s foreign ministry has rejected the allegations – calling them slander.
Al Jazeera’s White House Correspondent Kimberly Halkett reports from Washington, DC.

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  1. Tech stealing is actually good for global society, especially if ure not the one who got stolen

  2. Dear China if you have Donald Fraud's tax returns please release them you will be rewarded handsomely

  3. did usa imprisoned south american not too long ago? and then they pulled out of UN human rights?

  4. Isreal did medal and the evidence is out there now but you ll never hear these robots ask that question.

  5. Trump is playing Chinese card to advance his mid term election. China bashing will help him to win election.
    No evidence of Chinese chip is spying Apple or Amazon.
    BTW Intel Cpu is infested with "spectra & meltdown" for decade. It is OK when this is America even though it is proven beyond reasonable doubt.

  6. Let's review, China constantly lies about its economic statistics, its human rights violations, and its stealing of western technology. Now, however, China declares that it has changed its lying ways, and we now need to believe them! Does the rest of the world really look that stupid???

  7. pence sounds like bush right before the US went to war with IRAQ in search of "weapons of mass destruction", which where NEVER found….

    this sounds like war mongering…

  8. This is a ploy by Trump to get voters to vote for him at the mid term.

  9. The next blame is North Korea. 😎

  10. Trump begging China to stop dominating the trade war

  11. Thank you Mr.Trump for standing up to International Law and human rights…

  12. Trump hates China and looks down upon Chinese people. Trump only respects skinny tall women from eastern Europe. That’s why little Lolita cleaned toilet for him……

  13. ALZHEIMER and PARKINSON diseases has now reached pandemic crisis proposition in the US political arena. A TSUNAMI of FEACES is drowning the champion of FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY, and HUMAND RIGHTS.
    USA is the BEACON of HOPE for ALL NON WHITE NATIONS that ALL MEN are borned "EQUAL"! USA in the name of CHARITY and LOVE for IRAQ( Saddam Hussian cold blooded murdered for using Euro), LIBYA (GADAFFI was murdered for using gold Dinar), GENOCIDES in SYRIA. These are just the tip of the iceberg of the humongous genocides perpetrated by US since the end of the great wars in living memories.

  14. Meddling is the worst joke. Americans elect their President not Chinese. BTW, one thing is true, China wants to negotiate with another US President even some Americans want that too. It's not meddling, it is hoping. I don't know Russia but China really don't hv the capability to do so. However, everyone knows the purpise of this speech. MIDTERM ELECTION. Meaning to say WE HAVE A MONSTER ENEMY AND CHINA IS THE NAME.

  15. Easy to blame others for self incompetent. About IP theft, US still got intelectual things?

  16. No need to interfere with the US, they are destroying THEMSELVES!

  17. The Trump administration is lying about China because they dislike the targeted retaliatory tarrifs affecting the farmers who voted for Trump.
    Its just a lie to distract attention from the crimes of the Republican party.

  18. Idiot Trump is just deflecting Russia & Putin!

  19. I hope US fall and learn a lesson

  20. 1:47 — A lot of Americans want a different American President as well.

  21. Accused China of election meddling? why bother because America who is owing $21 trillion to China they don’t have time with anything else let alone election madding It’s not difficult to understand leave the Americans alone do as they shot your foot again and put a dummy as president so why they need to interfere, their citizens are doing much better job themselves much better than all high tech countries put together, look if this is the best AMERICA can offer or has Then may I say it’s simply a walk over.This is from me Raymond Teo S. K. a Singaporean point of view!!iim not aPutin fan if I have to give points out of /10 trump gets a minus 8. Putin get a +9.9/10. Oops!! Correction Donnie he shouldn’t even be on the board.

  22. Pretty soon they will blame God also… Pathetic


  24. Trump: most of Chinese-Diaspora which has been living in USA could be classified as "Foreign Agents" and need to take counter measure on them for 2020 US president election

  25. Typical old fashioned tactics to attack China.
    Wth cares in China!! China will overcome everything.
    China will slam the U.S with Blockchain & AI techs. The cryptocurrencies will bring down the entire $USD empire.
    Wth is afraid of the U.S in 2018?!

  26. 这个媒体不是专门反华的吗

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