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🇨🇳 Global waste industry rocked by China import ban | Al Jazeera English

China used to be the world’s largest importer of plastic waste but in January the government imposed restrictions that in effect ban imports of the hazardous material.

That has left countries like the Netherlands scrambling with how to deal with their own build-up of rubbish.

Al Jazeera’s Fleur Launspach reports from Amsterdam.

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  1. Europe will be a garbage dump just like ugly france

  2. We should like ask God to allow us a recycling center in like the moon. or mars

  3. 中国不需要进口垃圾

  4. Why is she not covering her hair???? Enjoy it now stupid white girl soon you will know your rules

  5. Good let them eat back their own plastic waste, China is no longer a push over.

  6. Way past time to stop making plastic of any kind.

  7. Im from India & i dont see any wrongdoing by china. Is it china’s fault ???

  8. Send it to United State of America, they need jobs. They will appreciate.

  9. My.. Ohhh… My…. We forgot to say thanks to our friends helping to take care of our garbage.
    True friend Indeed….

  10. Wah sampah plastic banyak betul kalau di indonesia , bisa di manfaatkan Yang mana di olah jadi bahan bakar kendaraan (bbm) atau di daur ulang jadi plastic baru,

  11. Slash the use of plastic…oh no that wont happen. Too many ppl. Corporations live 4 profits. Nothing will change

  12. The EU is going to start sending it to the US, the US is converting all Coal Power Plants to Trash Power Plants.

    At least it'll be cheap power…

  13. Doesn't Sweden want the rubbish?

  14. I put out my trash cans twice a year.
    Twice a year!! That's once every 6 months and my trash cans still have a room!!

    Why do people create so much trash?

    My neighbors put their trash cans out every week yet still have more to throw away so they leave more in trash bags(illegally).
    And that doesn't count the big trash like old TV set and mattresses.
    Yeah they leave those out illegally too.

  15. Russia is to blame, one more item to the list.

  16. I think the United States should accept global waste, so that the American people have jobs and perfectly solve the employment in the United States.

  17. Why don't we blast our trash into space though 😶


  19. Mix it with crushed glass and asphalt and create the 1,000 year road!!

  20. Why not ship them to the US to create jobs and to support "made in America"?

  21. Its better to keep your trash thanks China for not accepting thier garbage

  22. Max Keiser, Peter Schiff, etc., you see a (((pattern)))…  The US is a land mass, not a peoples. The people are being drugged, poisoned, infiltrated, aka, Rothschild Banking cabal to flip out current population for East, the largest slavery population, largest slave pools to choose from, Asia, India… aka, Int'l )ewry's currently moving operations out of West, to rape and pillage her remaining assets from across the pond, free of maritime law and ramifications from the crying and bleeding that is intensifying by the day, who are not participating in their alternatives, opiates, booze, crystal meth, or another tv show or movie, with a bloated budget, to prop us in front of a screen, as nothing in our real lives ever materializes stateside, but more short-lived businesses to con. Then flip out for more suckers.

    If you watch some of Max's old Press TV videos calls out the powers that be.  RT under Putin's directive, he doesn't, he gets close, but stops short, he's a Sellout for shekels…

  23. Key words are "we won't even need oil anymore". Exactly why this, and many other common sense innovations have failed. Big oil owns this world.

  24. Simple, start recycling.

  25. Why not learn from china how to recycle low grade plastic?

  26. Ship your wast to New York or Alabama !!!!

  27. Eye opening…simplifying one's life is essential

  28. If China doesn’t want it back tax Chinese Imports in order to make it profitable for local industry to recycle ♻️. As far as I see it if it comes from China it needs to go back. Each country that produces non biodegradable goods needs to be responsible for it.

  29. Greed n capitalism developed it let them fix it

  30. What was wrong with glass paper aluminum of the past why plastic

  31. Solution go to something other than plastic

  32. In Australia this has led to no plastic bags and look at packing materials of goods…

  33. blame yourself for keep calling China the biggest poluter while Sending your trash to them!

  34. You think China was accepting plastic because it cared about the environment?
    They were just making money out of it.

  35. Pakistan would love to be the leaders in thrash collection. That was the sole purpose of its creation in 1947.

  36. Everything also blame China?

  37. Islam is the dirtiest , Filthiest Religion . Moe Ham was child rapist.

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