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🇨🇳 Is China exploiting Africa? – Inside Story

Is 60 billion dollars enough to convince African leaders that China is their most reliable partner?
President Xi Jingping is in South Africa reassuring leaders from across the continent with hard cash.
Which will be welcome, after the economic downturn forced China to slash investment in Africa by more than 40 percent earlier this year.
The theme for the summit in Johannesburg
is “Africa-China Progressing Together: Win-Win Cooperation for Common Development.”
But it’s a partnership that hasn’t always been described as equal – with China accused of plundering Africa’s rich resources.

Presenter: Martine Dennis
Xhanti Payi, economist and director of Nascence Advisory and Research.
Einar Tangen, political and economic affairs analyst.
Joseph Ochieno, contributor for the New African Magazine.

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  1. European colonization of Africa has been going on for Hundreds of years only to exploit Africa and her people at least the Chinese are building instead of steeling.

  2. Right. Business is a silent war. China is taking all Africa resources leaving poor countries with huge debts who have no choice but giving their precious lands and companies to China. Stop praising China, they are just smarter than other nation to steal resources, silently. It's much more hypocritical and Africa may lost its independence and dignity in the process. China is a dictatorship with a lifetime emperor. Don't be fooled.

  3. >offers no infrastructure deals to African countries
    >gets mad when another country does it
    Get a load of this guy

  4. History has shown that those Western Countries are only interested in colonialism,raping their lands and exploitation of their cheap labour,never really cares about the natives of those lands whatsoever,China’s loans and experiences are being shared with African,Asian,Middle Asian and Europe to creates wealth for all,elevating poverty and having a WIN,WIN climates,China never interfere in other countries ‘s political issues.

  5. La chine n'a pas l'intension de coloniser l'Afrique,la chine n'apporte pas les belles paroles évangéliques frauduleuses comme les occidents,ni exporter des bombes,des chars,des aka ou des m16 comme les occidents,et la chine ne bleuffe pas d'apporter de l'aide humaniste comme la plus part des pays d'occidents.,La chine n'empèche pas l'Afrique de progresser comme faisaient les européens et usa,ni les soustraire des richesses sans laisser la moindre miette ni créer de richesse comme les occidentaux…la chine aide l'Afrique à réaliser les projets de chaque pays ,et les infrastructures de chaque pays afin que l'accès de tous les villes entre elles puissent se connecter,s'échanger,et se développer,et créer de richesses (progresser)…La chine exporte la création,la construction,l'entretien et l'exploitation….La chine exporte l'éducation,la maitrise, la réalisation et la conservation….Il est temps que les afriquaines s'ouvrent les yeux,ne s'endorment plus sous le charme des puissances colonialistes et cupides….L'Afrique avait beaucoup de chance de ne pas disparaître comme les indiens d'amérique,vous avez souffert comme les chinois dans le passé.Unissez vous main dans la main et avancer ensemble vers un avenir meilleur de manière équitable et durable….

  6. The country of Belgium is wealthier than all of Africa! were is Europe? Much of the wealth os owed to Africa.

  7. I think because road and rail projects are so expensive and Africa has a poor infrastructure; massive energy power plants (Green Energy) with high voltage lines that can cover 100s and 100s of square miles and then urban farms the size of whole blocks (small sport stadiums) in the inner cities of African cities. these would put industry within the cities. These stadium sized urban farms would go many stories underground and above it and would be surrounded by the large high density urban residential dwellings that are 20 or so stories tall. 5-6 of these for each urban farm. these areas that have so many people in small places often become ghettos as the the city grows and higher skilled persons get the best jobs in the local rural towns. Plants in environments like this take 1% f water the same plant needs outside and you can plant many times the same amount of plants on the same plot size of land. Many of these farms fertilize with fish, witch means you don't have to pay for very expensive fertilizer and you also can sell the fish when the reach a certain size.

  8. the mining companies arnt giving African mines the equipment they need. They decide who gets these machines and who doesn't.

  9. smafrikan. onm rusian on us. send out on studin economin chana. bin. difirebs

  10. You ever heard the story about the frog in hot water well if not this is the narrative live and in action sit back and wait the water (China) is about to start boiling and (Africa) the frog doesn’t even realize it yet but when it does oh my!

  11. The worst exploitation the world has ever seen. Africa will forever regret this terrible foolish venture with China.

  12. Western looters know more wanted in African continent kick them out of African. Them crooks?

  13. Dit me may , may dich kieu con cac gi ma sai mot troi mot vuc luon.. may chet khoi the gioi nay di

  14. dit me thang dich thuat cho de dien , may dich kiue con cac to tong may

  15. China isn't any better than Usa or Europe. STOP glorifying China.

  16. Is China exploiting Africa? What if they are? Why don't America and Europe try stopping China, if they have the BALLS. America and Europe robbed African Nations killed and enslaved millions for centuries as well as exploited the third world Nations, at least the Chinese are doing business and building Roads, and making lives better for Africa and other poor Nations. GOOD BUY AMERICA AND WELCOME CHINA.

  17. When China starts supporting wars in other countries and carrying out regime change then it will be easy to portray them in a negative light but at the moment that's the job of the West

  18. China has changed the face of Africa in terms of infastuctural development.

  19. Chinese scum need to be shot in African streets

  20. The right wing western jealousies are fighting this by creating fake news & videos with prejudice against China on the internet.
    Made in china collapse in 1 year, made by plastic, corruption rhetoric, blah blah blah. Nothing but talk.
    How hypocritical because you are using made in china products.
    Please learn from your progressive left wing westerners, make friends, not foes.

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