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🇨🇳 Obesity: China's Big Problem | 101 East

It is sunrise at a camp for teenagers in China. One by one, they file out of their dorms, some still rubbing the sleep from their eyes.

As they hurry into formation for morning exercises, former soldiers bark orders at them – jump higher, run faster, squat lower.

For these children, there is just one aim – to lose weight.

“It will be difficult, it will be exhausting, but I really have no choice,” says 15-year-old Dushuai. “I absolutely have to lose weight.”

Back in the 1960s, China suffered a devastating famine that killed nearly 20 million people. But now, the country faces a new scourge: Obesity.

One in five children – and tens of millions of adults – are now overweight or obese.

China’s rapid economic growth has brought huge lifestyle changes – people now consume more Western-style junk food, laden with fat and sugar, and are more sedentary.

Some are beginning to take drastic measures.

For children like Dushai, that means spending his holidays at a camp where his days are filled with rigorous exercise, nutrition classes, and carefully crafted meals.

From boot camps for overweight teens run by former soldiers, to radical weight loss surgery, many across the nation are trying to get in shape.

101 East explores as China battles the bulge.

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  1. Stupid and waste of money. Obeisity is what happen with poor parenting. Little princeling turned into little piggy.

  2. This was inevitable as their wealth increased.

  3. That 12 year old is so sweet and kind ;_;

  4. The fattest asians never get as large as a marginally overweight caucasian I've noticed. Must be genetics.

  5. I'd love to go to China, but I can't speak Mandarin (or any other language really).

  6. 14:55 doctor tries not to throw up

  7. He simply must go to a fascist camp to help him. We've thought about him not gorging on junk and being driven everywhere, but we decided it was just too hard. Then he'll immediately relapse as soon as he leaves.

  8. People of Asian ethnicities have a higher percentage of body fat throughout their bodies than other races and therefore the negative affects of being overweight kick in at seemingly lighter weights for their height. There are benefits to the higher body fat in their frames as it also can give the appearance of youth and prevent wrinkles.

  9. 9:05 so nobody is talking about the forever young hoodie!?!?
    I know that it not the one I think it is but I started singing Young Forever for some reason…..

  10. I didn’t even know obesity existed in China.

  11. It sounds like somebody's not too happy sith their accupuncture @16:02

  12. I started a go fund me to send me to this camp in China.

  13. Camps like that are a good idea for short term weight loss, but it's not sustainable. If the children and their families don't make lifestyle and nutritional changes at home they're all just gonna gain back the weight in a jiffy. All this pain and suffering would be for naught. Also, why can't kids have fun and lose weight at the same time? This weight-loss camp seems like a jail sentence. There is no joy. It's making the kids hate physical activity. It doesn't have to be this way.

  14. I know companies have to show results so that's why they push the kids so hard. But I think a better but slower method is to have them do enjoyable activities like hiking and eating delicious healthful foods. I speak from experience because one day, I stopped liking running and got fat lol

  15. China obesity 6.2% behind North Korea, Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Zambia, and left in the dust by the US. this "news" channel: China's huge problem: obesity! me: o_O

    stop with the baits lol

  16. Ok, so they don’t have discipline because their parents don’t spend time with them so they send them away during holidays?!?!


  18. Anywhere America goes, people become obese 🤦. *Sigh

  19. If it is, it's because of America smh

  20. I feel like acupuncture on an obese person would be risky. Wouldn’t all the fat block the pressure points?

  21. Dude/trainer at 6.56 though 😍😍😍? Alright with your fine self….

  22. Not sure I'd call vsg surgery a quick fix. If you don't follow the diet you will gain the weight back

  23. Just stick them on a keto diet, easy to moderate weightlifting , and a daily walk. After a month, they can slowly draw them off the keto diet while steadily increasing the exercise.

  24. They should learn about Ketogenic Diet/OMAD/IF~E.Water Fasting

  25. This is how USA will destroy China…with our fast food.

  26. too much time in the internet,playing video games ,addiction to the cell phone and very little physical activity

  27. I guess she trying to teach herself something

  28. the translations are a bit biased

  29. Food asmr on Instagram needs to stop.

  30. I feel so bad for fat people.

  31. You’re welcome, China.


  32. Unhealthy foods and too much food. Have them do intermittent fasting.

  33. Guess what happens to a lot of soldiers when they leave the service? They gain weight.

  34. the western diet, its not the workouts, its the food

  35. Fix it by increasing the kids stress and unhappiness with yelling harsh treatment? Oh yeah, that’ll work.

    Hasn’t it always? 🤨

  36. Obesity is not a prominent problem in China. As most Chinese people are very aware of their figure. And traditional Chinese food is comparatively healthy….

  37. Dr.Berg's video led me to this one.

  38. Honestly a mixture of surprised and not. Because I assumed Chinese food in the US was only unhealthy because it's over here, but I suppose they still use the sweet sauces and etc over there and even so Western food establishments have moved over there. If anything the diets of the islands of like Indonesia and some off islands of Japan seem to have the best diets. Fresh fish and plenty of veg seems to overall be a lot more beneficial.

  39. I actually love military atmosphere, it gives me more motivation

  40. acupuncture and cupping.. waste of time and money

  41. Bruh get your translation right at 13:32. She said walking is no problem for her. Tsk tsk.

  42. Uh oh. They need to start ordering clothes from America

  43. Well…….. This sucks, but at least no one will say "I never seen a Fat Chinese" Nowadays. I swear, every Westerner kept asking me questions like this. I know it sucks but I knew this is gonna happen eventually. Americans had this for a while now…… Yet even Mexican Govt are worried in Mexico that Obesity is becoming a mainstream issue. Yet, At least GMO Corn is not allowed in China as well as Russia. But Stuff like HFCS [High Fructose Corn Syrup] is allowed in China. What I don't get is, Why do people Criticize an Asian guy like me about weight issues. I mean I never been to PRC or Mainland China before, Although I am Chinese but born in the US States. Whatever, This is becoming an issue that can be resolved by healthy Exercise and a Well-balanced Controlled Diet. I mean being Fat is bad, but at least one Chinese Guy got famous even though he's fat. He's not as well known in the Hollywood as his friend Jackie Chan. I'm Talking about Sammo Hung, So just to prove being fat isn't all that bad. It's also an Asian Culture issue, Usually how they depict the Laughing buddha is mostly a fat Laughing Buddha. This may seem like a religious issue but back then if you can be Fat like that, you're considered Wealthy and powerful. Not to today's standards though!

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