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🇨🇳Why is China’s biggest technology company being targeted? l Inside Story

The Financial Chief of Huawei was detained in Canada at the request of the United States.

It’s been called the crown jewel of the Chinese technology industry, but now one of its top executives has been arrested.
Meng Wanzhou, the Chief Financial Officer of Huawei, was detained in Canada and the United States wants her to be extradited.
It comes as heightened economic tensions between the U-S and China seemed to be cooling – at least a little.
Last week, US President Donald Trump and China’s Xi Jinping held talks on the sidelines of the G20 meeting. Washington agreed not to increase tariffs on January 1st.
Meng was detained on the same day the two leaders met.
The US National Security Advisor John Bolton says he was aware in advance under what he calls a ‘law enforcement matter’.
Could Meng’s arrest worsen the U.S.-China trade war?

Presenter: Peter Dobbie
Ross Darrell Feingold – political analyst who advises multi-national corporations on political risk in Asia.
Andrew Leung – an International and independent China analyst.
Scott Lucas – Professor of American Politics at the University of Birmingham.

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  1. Trade war between US and China and other players is destroying our planet.

  2. The whole planet has been transformed into a huge industrial complex. Wild capitalism is destroying the ecosystems.

  3. It’s jungle not a world. The shame to humanity! Who are this deep state people who orchestrates all this wars and sanctions ?!

  4. Huawei has a headquarters in TX, perhaps this is where they got a loophole to get China?

  5. Because of Evil Western Post Colonial Oppression.
    People all over still suffer.
    Western been spying and oppressing since and way before colonialism and been spying on the world ever since the first Satellite was ever built

  6. The interviewer is not fair, he doesn't let the Hong Kong guy finish his point at lest 3 times, and doesn't give a ending comment to everyone (except to gayboy).

  7. sounds like she beat you guys for the 5g network contacts. That is just what the "left Party does when they lose. They cheat. Huawei was going to give us better equipment at a cheaper price. You call that stealing.

  8. Iran is under American sanctions, and not international sanctions.

  9. The moderator of this program needs to STFU and let the panel members answer the questions asked of them.

  10. I own a Huawei mobile telephone, I do share the opinion that Huawei are something of a clandestine company that abuses its power and position in the high tech world.
    I will avoid purchasing Huawei products in future, China has a patencity to abuse power once it feels it has the upper hand, this is ingrained in the Mindset of the mainlands political agenda

  11. Full of Fallen Angels in Chinese communist small brain. We need to fight against them.

  12. Nothing new. Just another US LIES. DEMONISING their 'enemies' is a typical US brand.

  13. I’ll get rid of my apple iPhone and I’ll buy Huawei!

  14. The C.I.A ( Citizens In action ) Organization solemnly declared : Our mission to call for the entire human beings on Earth Planet to defeat the Chinese Communist Party (CCP ) entirely and completely ; to divide China into 7 small countries to prevent imperialist ambition ; to recover the Falun Gong Practitioners as a true descendants of Chinese culture !

  15. president who won election by cyber attack,,want to take care of cyber security system of his country.. i just joke

  16. If the US sells phone to Iran , its OK but if China or other countries sell phone to Iran , its illegal… R u kidding me??? Ha ha ha….

  17. Huawei​ is not forcing anyone to buy their products.

  18. Cutting edge technology 5G! Great news for the whole world and big congrats Huawei! And very reliable smartphones technology!

  19. 5G war, China surpass Us

  20. Canada is too weak to play sheriff to USA, America will leave Canada when its get too hot, like they left Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Philippines half way in the war, America have not won any war since they nuke Japan

  21. Never trust those Commies, they will do anything to steal, to cheat, to imitate, to spy and even kill their own people by poison their food.

  22. China's Huawei (phones etc.) is SPYING against U.S., Canada, Europe etc. citizens, military communications, and military contractors etc. And 5G would allow the lawless dictatorship of China to control whatever it is used to operate. Use its products at your own risk.

    Huawei's technology is all (all, ALL, all) STOLEN!!! from defects in machinery to paper documentation grammatical errors. Its all STOLEN!!! All communist-Chinese companies are STATE-RUN on some level and using trillions of dollars of stolen intellectual property rights and patients. That is just the way of a TOTALITARIAN OR ORWELLIAN nation as China. PRIVATE COMPANIES cannot compete with an entire country the sizes of The People's Republic of China that steal all its tech and puts the creator of the tech out of business over and over and over in America and Europe.

    STOP! all trade with the Dictatorship of China, dammit! Boycott and sanction China before America MUST go to war with a richer and more powerful China made rich by cheating over and over and over and with unfair trade practices using stolen technology. What is the matter with America and the world to be so stupid as to trade with a tricky, extremely dangerous, thug nation?

  23. I just learned that Huawei official name is 华为技术有限公司. 
    Hua = splendid or "china"
    Wei = action or "working for"
    Hua + Wei = Working for china
    So now you know why the whole world does not trust Huawei.  If you have doubt about Huawei being a chinese military division, consider this. The US government couldn't even get Apple to unlock an iPhone for a terrorist investigation. Do you think Huawei would say no to the chinese government if it was asked to unlock or hand over data on everyone? This is communist china. Huawei and Meng are part of the communist party. They exist to serve the chinese communist, nothing else.

  24. Will KIDNAPPING Huawei founder daughter slowed down Huawei 5G Technological leadership?
    The answer is NO. China already have 16X more 4G installation than USA and 5G is currently being applied there as well.
    USA is running 3rd place in development so American trolls will alleged China stole USA 5G as well.

  25. My next smart phone will be Huawei…

  26. If their people only knew…F*** china

  27. The USA can't go and kill so they now in so much desperation and kidnapping China. It's china time to have the test of world. The USA, European and other pal skin nations have test of ut. When yoyr done than Jesus the copper king will come abd take over. Repent oh you Shameless nations

  28. China doesn't mind throwing people in jail for suspicions dealings they probably got caught out themselves. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

  29. Here we go again power play , someone don't want China to run the world bank.
    WAR will be the last resort …..

  30. Chinese IQ is highest in the world,,,,,,THEY WILL WIN!!

  31. China 🇨🇳 is closing the gap to world dominance against the other globalist.

    This is a major concern for the European/Western powers that be.

    If you can't beat em, change the rules

  32. if the security issue is the "behind" story, why America government prosecutes on two personnel ? why they can't raise the question directly? I think the "big", as you described, cause deep envying from who don't have 5G.

  33. For God sake, let that man from Hone Kong finishes what he wants to say! It's so rude to cut off his speech throughout the. Whole video!

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