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🇩🇪 🇹🇷 Erdogan opens mega-mosque in Germany’s Cologne amid rival rallies | Al Jazeera English

The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has ended a 3-day state visit to Germany by opening Europe’s largest mosque in the cathedral city of Cologne.
It was a visit intended to mend ties but it has also exposed deep disagreements between the two countries.
Both supporters and opponents of president Erdogan held gatherings in Cologne on Saturday with police standing in between.

Al Jazeera’s Jonah Hull reports from Cologne.

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  1. Hat er endlich die öffentliche Toilette eröffnet

  2. Can i build mosque in Vatican City?
    Can i build Mosque in Forbidden city, China?

  3. May Allah guide Germans to Islam. Because whoever forsakes the Remembrance of Allah will lead depressed life and eventually the fire waits for him.


  5. Imran khan

  6. love the turks that dont support erdogay

  7. I am Indian. Turkey is a good country for Muslim. Not Saudi Arabia not Iran.

  8. Trying Europe to make another syria, libia, Iraq.
    Stop it!!

  9. Already have churches in islamic counties lot of them not just one ..you just start do what we do before there's lot f churches in turkey and Egypt's morocco emarate kwait bahrin algeria lebnon …

  10. very soon non.muslim realize the teaching of islam that its teach peacful society, but sorry my non.muslim bros that we are(muslim) not follow our religion teaching completely but indeed its v.very peacful just read Holy Quran.

  11. germans are in an suicide mission to end their country

  12. Germany for u it's the best new Adolf Hitler to clean up al that muslim schet

  13. Will ERDOGAN ALLOW A Giant church to be Built in Ankara or any big town ???????? I know the Answer. .


  14. Even if i never been to a mosque ,I know all about what happens inside,Hate speech etc…. I saw a video about The regent park mosque in london and what they Preach in it ,really shocking .

  15. Islam ll bring peace to the hatefull

  16. Allah half turkey and erdogan

  17. Call me whatever you want, but the Islam is the enemy of the European civilization, there are incompatibilities and we are blind

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