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πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ Should Muslims in Germany pay a Worship Tax? | Al Jazeera English

Should practising Muslims in Germany pay a tax to their faith?

That’s a question one of the country’s leading liberal Muslims is asking. Seyran Ates is seeking to put her faith on the same level as several other religions in Germany.

Germans officially registered as Jews, Catholics and Protestants have for decades paid what’s called a Church or Worship Tax, the money is then given to the leadership of their faiths.

Now, one leading Christian Democrat politician says Muslims should be brought into this arrangement to free them from the influence of foreign states.

Al Jazeera’s Dominic Kane explains.

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  1. This mosque tax proposal is being raised to push back against Turkish control of German musques. The Turkish Diyanet National religious authority also finances Turkish mosques in Germany and controls recruitment of imans and what is preached in the Kutba.

    Why should German mosques be taking orders from an authoritarian foreign government which is in opposition to Germany in so many ways?

  2. Yes they should ! synagogues as well.

  3. Audhubillah, liberalism has no place in Islam

  4. Someone should ask her from where had she gotten this practice? This is not what Islam teaches us, she might probably has gotten some fund from those who wants to change the exact practice of Islam, women must stand at the last line behind the men inside the Masjids, no one has the right to change any single geuine teachings of Islam.

  5. This Sayran is Shaytan. ..there shouldn't be any taxes …!Zakat is not a tax Zakat is paying money for Umma ….not "government"

  6. I love America, which all religious organizations can arrange their entities as non-profit organizations and be exempt from a lot of taxes…

    Parishioners help to pay for the existence of religious entities which stand to be places of worship for others and an important escape from the world which is hard and tough…

    With Peace Sakinah 🌹

  7. Peace be unto you…
    Of course, I heard that other religious organizations pay these types of taxes in Germany…

    Considering that Germany is a Christian country…
    A jizyah is fair…

    Islamic countries demand religious taxes called jizyah and there is no way around that Islamic principle and it is Shari'a…

    Without watching this video and from the title alone I made my decision and I am a convert Muslimah hijabi in America…

    May Allah ( SWTA ) Bless and Guide us all to the Straight Path and Keep us on the Straight Path
    Summa Amin Bedthni Allah

    With Peace Sakinah 🌹

  8. Yes, they must instead of should.

  9. Can't help but wonder why they insist to live in Europe while their belief clearly despise infidels.

  10. Yes all immigrants should pay a head tax say 100,000 Euro's at least if not more.

  11. They should tax every muslim

  12. Im from Germany
    They want our money but they dont give us our Religion freedom like jews and Christian..

    In their laws there are " freedom of Religion "
    Just phrases

  13. This is hitler policy in disguise

  14. How stupid out s worship tax on Jews and Christians and gays too

  15. It is called zakat and sadaqa, which is mostly voluntary. Next question.

  16. Religion is your right and not duty… no to religious tax…. voluntary contributions enough…

  17. You pay a tax if you get a service in return. We fund our selves.

  18. We fund all our own mosques, we do not ask the government or council for money. We fund it all by donations and contributions.

  19. Muslim worship a pervert… So go back from Germany

  20. what kind of islam is this

  21. nothing is universally shared in religion, just food you eat.

  22. Every Islamic Mosque should be taxed to operate across the Western World.

  23. Uhmmm..that doesn't look like islam..women praying without hijab and imam is a woman…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚these people r lost and misguided..smh..

  24. How about paying tax on toilet paper?
    Do i also have to pay tax if i fart?

  25. n0 there must be a free zone for all religions.

  26. European countries are adulterated by these parasites who have come to stay in their capitals

  27. Can't wait for ww3 so we can wipe out muslim yoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  28. I donΒ΄t mind paying this tax if the Govt will provide us same kind of worship buildings for Mosques as for Chruches and allow call for prayer aloud like they allowed chruch bells can be rung aloud. Please stop this propoganda about liberal mosques. Men and women both are equally allowed to come to mosques and they both have their places designated.

  29. I wonder why god needs to be worshiped, maybe he's just vain and in need of reassurance.

  30. That lady is delusional and it's ovious from few people that so called pray with her that no one really buying it

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