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🇪🇸3,000 women march against gender-based violence in Madrid l Al Jazeera English

More than 3,000 women marched in Madrid to mark the UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.
Many of the demonstrators felt galvanised by a court decision on Friday that cleared two men of rape because their victim did not fight back. Because she had told the attackers to stop, but not physically resisted, the judges opted for the lesser crime of sexual abuse.
Marches took place across Europe, but in Spain, where more than 40 women were killed in gender-based violence this year, demonstrators spoke of a need for a cultural shift to encourage women to speak out against abuse and they know there is still a long way to go.
Al Jazeera’s Catherine Stancl reports from the march.

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  1. they`re all Jewish females , why are wanderer jews always involved in Politics in other peoples homeland ?

  2. slowly i am really worried that all men decide to be gay when all women decide to behave like these ugly monkey-feminists from Madrid.. What was it at the begining? The monkey dance?

  3. What Excactly do these women want?? They have just as much rights and freedoms as anyone else.go protest in Saudia arabia that's where women are oppressed

  4. more's distractions again.. anti men agenda or men phobic again. hilarious.

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  7. What part of equality is missing from the Spanish system?

  8. Beating, raping of women is wrong and the law should be tougher. 4 years out in half that is a joke. Nice to see so many sympathisers in the comments, by the way at what point is saudi arabia, Islam or abortion mentioned in this video?

  9. Femnazi is taking over Europe. America probably need to send troop over there again.Sad.

  10. Those rapist man should should be castrated.

  11. There are so many insecure, angry, snowflake-males in this comment section, it is remarkable. We've tried the patriarchal social system and it's not that great. We've had wars after wars due to male testosterone going wild. We've had mysogeny (it continues in the comment section here), abuse from husbands to wives, from bosses to employees and so on. So, we've come to that point where: enough is enough. I for one, mean it. All You angry snowflakes, I'm watching You.

  12. Feminism is cancer! Pass it on.

  13. You cannot logically advocate AGAINST gender based violence and AT THE SAME TIME advocate FOR the violence against the unborn via abortion. Basic logic….
    Abortion is terrorism and the ultimate violent act…

  14. This stuff won't be a problem once Muslims become the majority.

  15. The easiest thing to do is stop bringing trash to your country

  16. Tell what rights they dont have? I wish i could "lie" about being raped and then put in jail anyone i wanted. Sounds like they have more rights to me.

  17. I love all women and respect them! Please ladies, make your own choices, don’t generalize. There are good men out there.

  18. They talk about sexual liberation and get mad when called a hoe, it's the same for men. Grow up. Having a toxic sex life makes you less viable as a partner.

  19. If they are protesting for the freedoms of Muslim women then I’m all for this

  20. LMAO. They all low-key depressed

  21. Spain has become a shithole of a country, used to visit but not anymore.

  22. Well if you didn't have open borders you won't have a rape problem

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  25. They don't want equal rights, they want privileges.

  26. The vast majority of violent crime is male on male. Statistically women are under represented per capita for victims of violent crime. So it's hard to make a "gender based claim" when your gender is assaulted much less frequently than the other gender.

  27. Hmm women fighting for equal rights when the bible says they are the weaker vessels. There will always be conflict in what mankind wants and want God wants. I see why these women protest. Their men were not following the will of God. If your man is following the will of God as in the Holy Bible, then I am sure most women would love their men more and there would be a lot less domestic violence. Men and women both have their roles, as long as they are performing them there should be no problem. My opinion on MGTOW; it's more like an Estrogen Crying Club for Emotional Boys Claiming to be Men whom imply running from their female relationship problems is better than dealing with them.

  28. As a Men, I proudly support women around the globe fighting for their rights.

  29. should have gone out with tittays out! a suggestion.

  30. You’re welcome for the great wars?

  31. No means No… They should cut the nuts off of men who rape! Problem solved.

  32. Love hearing right wing American putos telling another country what is right.

  33. Russia legalized spousal violence.

    When i was a toddler my dad would beat up my mom. One image is still burned into my head….my mom lying in the bathroom bleeding telling me to go away – she didn't want me to see. When i was a teenager my dad continued to beat my mom. I was powerless – skinny. Afraid. But i found enough courage to tell him that one day i will be bigger than him and i will stop him. 8 years ago I did. After he assaulted my mom I charged after him and flipped him over my shoulder….he crashed down on the hardwood coffee table breaking his hand. He told me to "GET OUT AND NEVER COME BACK!" – I told him that i wasn't leaving and if anybody was leaving it was him and i gave him a choice….he could either be a good boy and stop assaulting my mom or i will call the police and send him to prison and then I'd tell everybody in the community why he was in prison…the shame would be unbearable. You should have seen his face!! And I'm not sure if that event spurred on a medical condition but within 8 months he acquired Alzheimer's – dead within 17 months….at his funeral i never cried. Didn't care for the man. I was a bit upset with my mom though for allowing us to endure this hell and it's turned me into an anxious person and only my GF, dog and motorcycle can calm me down. Ladies, please please please think about your children – please leave an abusive relationship. Don't wait for things to become better – they don't.

  34. i blame the woman for the violence woman are not submitting to the authority of there husbands get rid of the family court get rid of the domestic violence laws they undermine male authority and male rights as the bible says men love you wife woman submit to your husband and woman are to be keepers at home . the woman are to be silent in the church that what pual says

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