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🇫🇷French paramedics, students join ‘yellow vest’ protests | Al Jazeera English

The leaders of the so-called yellow vest protests in France are due to meet President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday.
They have been agitating over rising fuel prices, but the demonstrations have evolved into wider criticism of the president’s policies.

Al Jazeera’s David Chater reports from Paris.

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  1. Time to dust off the old guillotine citoyen

  2. And i thought i knew how to protest

  3. Simple reduce the oil and stop the Rothschild bank

  4. I have fully support with these yellow jackets , but of course in peaceful ways not destructive ways.

  5. They should not stop until Macron and Juncker's heads are paraded around Paris on sticks!
    Death to Macron and Juncker!! Death to the Bankers!!

  6. Love city on fire 😔😔

  7. Firefighters and paramedics already joined the protest. Ordinary hard working people fed up with macron!

  8. Sorry for that language but Macron must move his a** and quickly.
    French people are desperate.

  9. Stealth taxes to pay for illegal immigrants and support the globalist NWO…go now Macron, before the damage you are doing is irreversible.

  10. As an American I highly respect the courage and depth of the French people.

  11. Macron must GO!! Assad forever..☺💪

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