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🇫🇷Paris braces for more yellow vest protests l Al Jazeera English

The yellow vest rebellion in France began in opposition to fuel tax increases, but has spread to cover a wide range of concerns.
The protest movement has proven difficult to control, crossing not only social boundaries, but French national borders, as well. An opinion poll this week suggested that more than 70 percent of the public now supports the protesters.
With additional protests expected, more than 4,000 police were deployed in Paris, particularly to the Champs Elysees, in hopes of preventing the rioting experienced last weekend.
Al Jazeera’s David Chater reports.

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  1. There will be no end. Make it spread to the entirity of Europe!

  2. My (arkan state) rohingya Muslim country would help me Good news

  3. One planet
    One race
    One nation

    Noone can stop globalism fools!

  4. This is a demonstration against the globalists and their agenda.

  5. There is only one way for French people, Macron is again doing the same politics, is to leave the European Union: Frexit

  6. Wanna see how popular a tax plan is, try to make it a direct tax on the specific service… politicians will find out real quick!

  7. Travel warning! Don’t go to France. French government doesn’t care about its own citizens but only cares about globalist and elites.

  8. How do they have 4000 police?

  9. Tear gas is proletarian hashish.

  10. Now you know how is it really hard for Syrian, Lebanese, iraqi and all the west asia country to fight the ruler. Even france that have a good governance, election, people still need to do this. Can you imagine all the third country that involves in war, how the people need to fight for their future

  11. In the first place, who voted them in ? the people deserve their comeuppance.

  12. Funny/ironic ending to the news piece: Macron greeted by… a yellow vest. (;-)

  13. When you have no boarders and take in thousands of people every month, without considering the economic impact on your country or the productivity of those you take to support themselves or contribute to the national economic system, then you will need money to support them. If you do not plan this well of manage your finances or immigration policies to be economically viable , you going to be forced to increase taxes .

  14. The vests are not yellow. They are green.

  15. Hundred of years ago France and Brittan f** the whole world and now all Nations are getting stronger so they f*** themselves 😂😂🤔😘😅😊 I like it

  16. This is certainly not yellow…

  17. Lol the French. They let there county be taken over by economic migrants but but demonstrate against a gas hike. Lovely 😊

  18. Protesting in France is almost a national sport.

  19. But, but, but we need the fuel tax to prevent climate change. Why are these climate deniers upset?
    "We'll always have Paris" Accords.

  20. Rise up, Europeans! Destroy the invaders! Remember the Battle of Tours! Remember the Gates of Vienna! Destroy the primitive and the barbaric invaders! Only those who fight deserve to have their culture and society survive! Preserve European culture and civilization. Destroy the animals!

  21. Looks like the superficial French have elected the wrong person again.

  22. All politicians and presidents are puppets of big corporations and banks .
    if you are tired of being an slave you have to find the who is running the show and its not the president .

  23. It looks like the false flag action orchestrated by the world freemasonry for their NWO agenda!!!

  24. Well matured rotten eggs are the best thing to throw against these filthy globalist police forces. The smell is horrendous and they will leave immediately to take a shower.

  25. France is like a starving parasite, when it's unable to consume Africa, Asia or the Middle East it starts to eat itself.

  26. He was elite banker, a faciest the one percent, the pathological psychos, the arrogant, the war mongers, what do u expect from this leaders, they need only birth certificate, your name and for war times.

  27. Alongside waving the white flag, this must be the second popular french pass time

  28. Well, it had been long enough in France without a Revolution

  29. Hang all the globalist elite scum

  30. We are and should always stand together against the politicians. WE run the world..

  31. You gedem you French fries.

  32. The French are still Revolting.

  33. Illuminati powaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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