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🇬🇧 UK parliament backs new Irish backstop talks but EU stands firm | Al Jazeera English

The British parliament has given the go-ahead for Prime Minister Theresa May to return to Brussels and try to secure a better Brexit deal.
But one of May’s most important negotiating tools was ripped from her hands as MPs also voted to block a no-deal Brexit.

Al Jazeera’s Nadim Baba reports from London.

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  1. The UK (the Britsish isles mostly) wants to leave the EU but also keep the advantageous of being a member state.

    Gtfo with your bullshit UK.

  2. I don't know whats dumber, this or my country electing Trump.

  3. I seriously wonder if Westminster and the EU truly understand the hornets nest they're poking at in Northern Ireland. Brexit has serious economic consequences for everyone, it could even have an impact on the world economy. Everyone's painting it in simplistic terms, Irish and EU intransigence or British political chaos, depending on your views. But basically, Brexit has come down to Dublin and the DUP coming to some agreement on a Backstop. What kind of idiot would pin their hopes and economy on that.

  4. the country that once ruled the world, now can't even get itself out of a trade union turned dictatorship

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