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🇬🇧Fears ‘no-deal’ Brexit could hurt UK farming industry | Al Jazeera English

British Prime Minister Theresa May is under increasing pressure to find enough parliamentary support for her Brexit deal.
Ministers of Parliament are set to vote on it next Tuesday.
She says her plan is the only way the United Kingdom can leave the European Union without economic chaos.
And there is growing concern of how no deal would affect people’s livelihoods.
Not least in northern England, where farmers sell much of their produce into Europe.
Al Jazeera’s Emma Hayward reports from Yorkshire.

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  1. British Government have BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS!!!

  2. A no deal simply means the UK government would have to pay out 6 weeks worth of the yearly EU subs to the farmers to cover every penny the EU gave them .
    And hang on a minute , our farmers were under the EU quota system where whatever we exported was balanced out by our imports .
    No deal – No exports or imports = perfect balance , so whats the fear mongering in aid of .
    In aid of trying to keepmus in the EU so they can keep on getting our £390m a week tomprop it all up ……..

  3. Wouldn't they have a sudden and massive monopoly on produce?

  4. money i thought brexit was about freedom this is what happens when a generation born as eu slaves money over freedom

  5. The word might comes up a lot ….

  6. Ha hahahahaha Farmers voted for the Brexit apocalypse. Beautiful Karma!

  7. Lamb is very expensive in the shops, it's about £4.00 for enough to feed one person so a 25% drop in price will be very welcome for the British consumer.
    I would buy much more lamb if the price drops a little.
    There will be winners and losers with Brexit but since the British people have been supporting the farmers through their taxes for many years it's time the British people had something in return.

  8. The leading cause to CO2 emmissions is the animal agriculture industry. Go watch Cowspiricy. Grow plants instead.

  9. Yellow vest riots coming to the U.K. SOON!

  10. Why dont you show how its gonna help and take care of the farm's when Britx kicks in..?x?

  11. All the remainer channels SKY BBC CHANNEL 4 along with this one and others full of doom and gloom bias reports coming thick and fast to cling on to corrupted EU , obvious people are never going to get what they voted for while majority of conservatives and labour want to stay in this Merkel German run parliament EU

  12. no it won't, it means we grow/produce most of our own food and this means more work and more jobs what also means profit for farmers

  13. UK farmers affected by –
    1. Trade?
    2. Labour?

    Which one?

    If trade – bilateral talk with other countries ( China, Mexico, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangkok , Singapore etc…. )

    If labour – bilateral talk with other countries ( China, Mexico, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangkok, Singapore etc…. )

    * all should be done by the new government ….

  14. Sick of looking at brexit everywhere just leave already 😁

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