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🇬🇧’My deal, no deal or no Brexit’: UK’s May fights for survival l Breaking News

The UK prime minister was grilled at the House of Commons over a draft Brexit deal that she and her cabinet have agreed to as she faced political attacks from all sides, including a threat of a no-confidence vote from inside her own party.

“We can choose to leave with no deal, we can risk no Brexit at all, or we can choose to unite and support the best deal that can be negotiated,” May told the House of Commons.

Her comments came after two cabinet ministers, including the head of Brexit negotiations, and two junior ministers quit the government in protest at the agreement over Britain’s departure from the bloc on March 29, 2019.

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  1. No Brexit is the best option. No deal will not get through parliament. Even Farage admits that the deal we currently have as part of the eu is better than Mays deal. So, best option is NO BREXIT, STAY IN EU👍

  2. It shouldn't be just ur deal think of everyone else instead of trying to get people to kiss ur feet just leave be better with out u

  3. "or no Brexit at all". That is exactly what I have been telling everyone, since the beginning! Nobody believed, but things now are coming back to the'normal', which means no Brexit.
    I always have said that Brexit is not more than a political Circus. The politicians are the clowns, and we are the attendance….

  4. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Leave or a greater Europe!

  5. Brexiteers are like Brittainers have always been: they want all the benefits from coalitions but they do NOT want to contribute and be the special kid. They wanted out, just let them out: NO deal. Right extremist Scump won't help them. In rhetoric only. Maybe the Brexiteers hope that there's a vacuum for a second Switzerland. Good luck with that. Your country is about to become insignificant.

  6. Can anyone tell me what theresa may want to say here whats her perception? Should UK leave EU or whT?

  7. I’m from Scotland and I don’t want to leave the EU

  8. NoDealMay. Just kick her out from PM.

  9. Theresa May is in The Thick of It

  10. Is "no brexit at all" really an option? Isn't it a hard brexit if nothing happens?

  11. people in England are subjects nots citizens, hence are subjugated

  12. Clearly the biggest cheer for no Brexit at all. The answer is staring May in the face. Time to end this nonsense.

  13. you people voted for this almost 2 years ago, your vote means nothing!

  14. This is like blazing saddles where the sheriff holds a gun to his own head talks in a different voice and threatens himself!

  15. Time to put in the right, clean up the country and have it on top again.

  16. May and her cabinet simply are sabotaging Brexit.

  17. I do enjoy seeing the UK fall apart. Fun Times 😂

  18. England think aging before leaving. I can see you're going to be isolated. For Security purposes think again please

  19. She is a globalist her goal the whole time has been to reach no exit.

  20. Did the US get their independence with a simple declaration of independence? No, neither can the UK.

  21. Future of our children decided by someone with no child.

  22. 40 billion to be slaves of EU. She is mad…

  23. England come back to Europe😊

  24. I'm not British but my grandmother is and I agree with her when she says this PM is not a really good leader….

  25. I like how the Sauudis use this kaschoogi(what ever he is called, royalist and Washington swamp)
    To purge same people… efficiency its called.

    And dead people don't talk.

  26. No one else wants to deal with this stupid Brexit. Any deal and especially no deal perspective are bad. Everyone knows Theresa May’s job is impossible one. How better will be someone else on Brexit idiocy? . Maybe someone brave who will call for second referendum? It can’t go on like this forever.

  27. The only exit UK should fight for is to exit being a lackey for US

  28. BTW, the Brexit Secretary (Dominic Raab) resigned because he was largely EXCLUDED from the negotiations, and was being asked to front a proposal he KNEW to be flawed.

  29. This is an appalling humiliation. I have literally just come back from the pub, and NOBODY likes this.

  30. جائت الاستقالة طواعيتا

  31. Europe has no incentive to negotiate.

  32. جائت الاستقالة طواعية

  33. Brexit will not be allowed! These are games.

  34. No getting rid of this pathetic remainer so frustrating

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