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🇬🇷Greek whistle-blower exposes waste in refugee funding l Al Jazeera English

A political storm is brewing in Greece over the cost of supporting the 60,000 asylum seekers and migrants.
The European Union, in theory, covers 70 to 80 percent of costs of supporting the large number of refugees, but a government whistle-blower, Andreas Iliopoulos, has told Al Jazeera that many expenses may not be eligible for EU funding because the government has engaged in “fast-tracking” some of the migration-related contracts. But fast-track procedures do not meet EU transparency criteria for reimbursement and the cost of the contract falls back on the Greek state.
Al Jazeera’s John Psaropoulos reports from Lesvos.

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  1. emergency funding is the best for corruption, that's why they like it so much. the more you can keep it going the more money in your pockets.

  2. Abuses in charity are horrible and even worse in the relative chaos of disasters, refugee crisis, etc. I'm working on an app that can help if anyone is interested in helping its launch. Tx

  3. Sterilize and send them back to Africa. The half-animals making children in the biggest poverty.

  4. wtf leave the original greek, we can understand it best.

  5. Why aren't these refugees going to Qatar

    Also anyone else disturbed by that Indian accent 😂😂

  6. Make them Christian and give them citizenship and make them speak Greek their all your acient relatives Greeks of the old was educators and travel the world what happen to golden and etc disgrace your ancestors achievements

  7. While Qatar preaches social justice and human rights through its propaganda arm, Al Jazeera. Qatar is a backwards absolute monarchy that didn’t abolish slavery until 1952! nearly 90% of Qatar’s population is treated without regard to human rights and has no path to citizenship. Qatar is by no means unique as all Islamic states are oppressive dictatorships. Qatar has ZERO moral high-ground! It’s no better than Saudi Arabia or any other gulf state.

  8. Elections are a 1 man 1 vote system. Let in too many refugees/illegals and you risk being outvoted. (legally or illegally.) Remember… they will reproduce too. Also… if terrorists and criminals are hidden among refugees, they could gradually increase in numbers and vote their agents into your government. This causes social problems which in turn ruins your economy too. Every country's government must be responsible for their own people, not let foreign nations care for them. Accepting refugees/illegals encourages their corrupt governments to continue ill treating its citizens. Deport them. There are other ways to help

  9. Greek is easier to understand than Indian English!

  10. Thats a very thick accent. Still if it is an indian respect to him. Learning other languages should be a must for everyone.

  11. LOL this illegal entrant thing is a joke with the EU the author.

  12. An indian dude translating for greek . Thats it i have seen it all…..

    All YouTube channels that reported on migrant problems have been DELETED!!!

  14. TO: europeans and NATO countries, if you dont want refugees ,stop creating them.

  15. Why do all the migrants look like londoners

  16. Greece don't know how to spend EU money properly, tell me something new.

  17. All Greek people are Gypsies they should-move back Kazakhstan😂😂😂✌🏻🤭🤭

  18. Well it is their fault for hiring the people before having the actual funding for it….

  19. Mallu guy translating..greek to English

  20. Actually the ultimate cost has is payed by the Greeks themselves because the refugees have no interest in staying in Greece and want to be in Germany or any other nation with more welfare. They will eventually return home when they realize this is not an option.

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